The appointment with the 1 ^ Spring Walk is for the 9.00 of the 24 March at the AXI Giglio Rosso. Promoted by ATTO, Tuscany Organ Transplant Association, with the participation of the Florence Rotary Club Lorenzo Il Magnifico, in collaboration with Avis, Giovani Fratres, Italian Red Cross, ASSI, Sks2.0, Florentine Sports Medical Association, the walk winds along Viale Michelangelo and Viale Galileo. The departure is scheduled for the 10.00, immediately a round of field of the ACES and then off along the path of 5,5 kilometers immersed in the beautiful setting overlooking the city of Florence.

ATTO defines itself as an association that promotes the culture of solidarity and respect for the dignity of the person Human. This initiative is an opportunity to be outdoors and to raise awareness on issues related to organ transplantation. Participants will be monitored by specialized doctors with a view to promoting physical activity essential for the recovery and maintenance of health.

Registration to the Spring walk you make up and must be confirmed at the meeting for insurance reasons. The presence of an emergency vehicle is foreseen that will be stationed at the AXES.


ACT from the 1997 represents, in Tuscany, the National Forum of Nephropathic, Transplant and Volunteer Associations, which is part of the National Donation Table established at the Ministry of Health provided for by the 91 / 99 Law. It collaborates with organizations, associations and institutions to improve the quality of life and care of people who have undergone organ transplants.