I was still small, and at least once a month, with my grandmother Assunta, I stopped at the Rosano workshop in fact, to buy ice cream, my father Renzo's mother, a native of Pontassieve, used to come back to visit his many sisters, and along the road that arrives from Bagno a Ripoli, shortly after Fullers, there is the detour to Rosano where the homonymous shop is still located today.

In the restaurant room of this small shop, evidence of the history of this area, the tasting of the products of Grandpa Lancia, conducted by Gian Paolo Piani, director of the "Nonno Lancia" product line e Leonardo Romanelli, journalist and chef.

"My grandfather Giuseppe Bernacchioni (called "I Lanci") was a sharecropper, through the Region of Tuscany he taught to prune olive trees, he was a forerunner of early olive harvest "- he says Gian Paolo Pianigiani, grandson of Nonno Lancia - "We are ethical, we represent the products of our land, and I wanted to use my grandfather's name because I believe in it, and ethically I wanted to include an important representative of the family."

Gian Paolo defines his healthy, good and fair products - "It means working with families that respect employees, and their activities have a social and economic impact on the territory, people ethically in line with us."

Among the interventions also that of Filippo Meoni, Pistoia butcher, who wanted to bear witness to his commitment in the breeding and processing sector.

"My father and I started with an artisan workshop and since I met Gian Paolo our business has grown a lot." - Filippo says - "We do not use preservatives, and our meat from our pigs is very lean, Grandpa Lancia is like a family for me, Gian Paolo constantly follows us in production, with him there is a continuous exchange that helps us to improve our products."

  • The tasting

Bresaola from Punta d'anca La Regina, very thin and soft, with a bright brick red color, fleshy and excellent even on its own without seasoning.

Savory ham from the Grand Duchy of Gray pig, from fresh pork meat born in Italy, bred in a semi-wild state and slaughtered in Tuscany, great flavor and little fat.

Sapito del Granducato scrofa ham, an animal with an important muscle structure, and who has given birth. A fat that has a destroyed molecular structure, the result is a ham that has little salt, but with a strong flavor.

Sapid shoulder of the Grand Duchy, coming from heavy white pigs raised in a semi-wild state, long seasoning and little salt, a really good salami.

Tuscan salami without preservatives from the Grand Duchy, with no added chemicals, gluten-free, lactose-free, and milk derivatives, a healthy and truly tasty product.

Salami Sbriciolona Il Rustico, it comes from boneless shoulders and parts of lard, double grind, flavored with fennel and ground pepper but without wine. The minimum seasoning is at least 20 days, its color is drained, this is due to the total absence of nitrite, in the mouth not tired.

The tasting continues with a first course, prepared by the chef of the Bottega di Rosano Sandro Markets, a risotto alla sbriciolona, ​​creamed with two varieties of cheese.

Sandro Markets

"I like Ligurian risotto I serve it al dente" - explains Sandro - "for the preparation of the arboreal rice with Tropea onion and white wine, I add the sbriciolona towards the end of cooking, which I first seared in the oven making it lose some of the fat . At the end of the cooking I add the cheese Biancone with vegetable rennet and served with flakes of Pratantico Seasoned in the Cave. "

Sbriciolona risotto

A risotto of great taste and character, perfectly cooked, which goes well with the Syrah "Cignogna 2016" served.

The tasting ends with a selection of Nonno Lancia cheeses, five products with different characteristics but united by a single style, that of delicacy.

The products of Grandpa Lancia they were a pleasant discovery, a line of meats and cheeses that guarantee the consumer high quality and lots of goodness.