“I imagine it as a village above the roofs, like in Paris” - so Luis Hajrullai welcomes us into his Panorama Restaurant at the 'Hotel La Scaletta in Florence, a super exclusive place a stone's throw from Ponte Vecchio. Andrea Frediani, well-known Florentine bartender, welcomes us with a creamy reinterpretation of the classic Ramos Ginfiz - "I replaced Grappa with Gin, making it more discreet and particular, I would say feminine."

The occasion, reserved for the press, is a tasting of some of the most interesting dishes of the restaurant, expertly prepared by the Chef Nertil Prroni - "My native country is Albania, I really like reinterpreting Tuscan cuisine, my greatest pleasure is in fact experimentation." The table welcomes us with warm bread, then Duck with celeriac cooked in salt, served with apple cream, spices and bean sprouts and one venison tartare with Jerusalem artichoke and casting of anchovies.

The two appetizers with a decidedly strong taste follow a Cortona delicacy, such as the "Watercolor" risotto with pigeon and chocolate ice cream - "It is a typical dish of my Cortona" - says Luis - "a dish of our tradition, every year, in my country, we dedicate a characteristic and very popular festival to it." In combination with Syrah in purity, a vine that finds its best expressions in the lands in the province of Arezzo: Terra Solla 2016 stands out for its elegant, hints of black spices, dark fruit and a massive shoulder. "Solla is clay in the Cortona dialect" - points out Luis - "I chose this company because I really appreciate their way of working, they take special care in every step of production: old vines and pressing with feet are their pluses."



A follow Pappardella, rigorously pulled by hand, seasoned with Aspromonte black pork sauce, really a very well prepared and high quality first course. Closing lamb in a Timut pepper crust, which I have not even tasted. The tasting ends with a very special dessert, cappellaccio of sweet dough stuffed with pear, caramel and mascarpone served with wild berry ragù.

The Panorama Restaurant welcomes both hotel guests and external guests, an exclusive place to spend special evenings, in groups or as a couple, accompanied by a cuisine with a typical Tuscan character but with that "sprinkle" of creativity that makes it unique.