The classic Tuscan bruschetta, a preparation of peasant origin as simple as tasty made from toasted Tuscan bread, quality extra virgin olive oil, black cabbage leaves, beans (mainly cannellini beans) and then only garlic, salt and pepper. A traditional appetizer or snack that is almost never missing in the winter menu of a restaurant or on the table of a Florentine family.

Revolutionizing the culinary tradition is usually very risky but the creative flair of an excellent chef like Andrea Perini (restaurant "Al 588" in Bagno a Ripoli), which has dedicated itself to a modern cuisine based mainly on the use of oil, "a fundamental food of our tradition", has managed to transform this preparation into an irresistible summer dessert and also very scenic.

«This savory brioche was born thanks to a challenge, I wanted to reiterate that extra virgin olive oil is not good only in November; in fact, we often tend to consider only new oil as quality and valuable ».

Bruschetta Summer Edition
Coco Nano Bean Sorbet, black cabbage chips, extra virgin sweet olive oil. For the base: salty sponge cake.

«I recreated the classic Tuscan bruschetta made with bread, beans, oil and black cabbage in a summer and sweet version, with a base of salty brioche bread and a sorbet made with Coco Nano beans and crispy black cabbage chips: the whole it is really very particular. The beans I use have an intense flavor and a very thin skin, so they are very digestible, they also have excellent organoleptic characteristics, the pasta is delicate and floury, the cooking times are reduced compared to other bean cultivars ».

Text taken from "At the table from Florence to Chianti. A journey through food and wine. Raw materials, recipes and historical events"of Milko Chilleri, edited by Expos.