The Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli adheres to the "Civic Week"Entitled" We as citizens. We as a people ”scheduled nationally from 19 to 25 April. The event is co-promoted by National Network of Schools for Peace and by the National Coordination of Local Bodies for Peace and Human Rights together with the support of local member institutions and numerous territorial associations. The Ripolese administration, on the initiative of the Municipal Commission for Peace and Rights and the departments of Kindness and Peace, with the initiatives planned for the Civic Week, will emphasize the theme of care and kindness, through respect for the other , the environment and its community.

During the days of the event, educational courses and activities are planned in the local schools dedicated to civic education, the culture of rights, responsibility and equal opportunities. As part of the event, the celebrations of April 25 and the Liberation of the country from Nazi-fascism will be included, which will promote the values ​​of democracy and justice contained in the Constitution.

"Unfortunately, the epidemic situation does not allow us to celebrate the Civic Week in the presence and with the participation we would have desired - explains the mayor Francesco Casini -, but our Municipality did not want to give up such an important moment to reaffirm its commitment to educating citizens who are aware and participate in public life through a real educational pact with their community ".

“The initiatives - explains the president of the Peace and Rights Commission, Susanna Agostini - will concentrate in schools, where the citizens of tomorrow grow up, who must have full awareness of the values, rights and responsibilities that are the fulcrum of life in common, as well as the care of others, of the environment and of the planet. During the week, video testimonials and meetings on the subject will be inserted remotely. We will keep you posted".

The middle and primary schools of the “Caponnetto” and “Mattei” inclusive institutes are invited to promote reflection on care and respect for others and for the environment. To be kind with new phrases and behaviors that make us rediscover the beauty of hospitality. All pupils, through the Peace Commission, will be given the bracelet "of kindness". A small and symbolic artifact in purple fabric (the color of kindness) accompanied by a rainbow insert (the color of peace) sewn and made available by the "Tipe", the volunteer seamstresses of Bagno a Ripoli who during the emergency created and given to the community tens of thousands of “solidarity” masks.

“The bracelet - explain the councilor for Kindness Eleonora Francois and Councilor for Peace Francesca Cellini - will be accompanied by the words 'Make a knot, take care, be kind!', where the knot is a sign of memory maintenance. The boys are invited to send us their photos with the bracelets worn, together with phrases and thoughts on kindness, we will publish them on the social channels of the Municipality and we will create a manifesto of the commitment of the whole community to respect, care and kindness " .

The photos and the textual material can be sent by email to the address

Also during the Civic Week, the Municipality's Twinning and Territorial Promotion Committee will involve the schools of the twin cities in a videoconference dedicated to the themes of environmental care, kindness and respect for the person. In addition, in collaboration with the Pro loco per Bagno a Ripoli and the Ripolesi merchants, a poster will be distributed in the local shops to be displayed to the public, with words linked to kindness and care for others.