Among the activities most affected by the Covid emergency that has characterized this 2020, there are certainly the bars and restaurants that, in a very limited time, have found themselves dealing with sudden closures and the need to reinvent themselves, possibly without getting lost. soul.

Among those who have not been discouraged by this difficult moment, but who, on the contrary, in a certain sense have drawn new creative energy from it, we find the chef Calogero Weight, for years in the kitchen of Trattoria Antica Calcinaia di San Casciano in Val di Pesa.

Calogero Paino, chef at Trattoria Antica Calcinaia

"We must not give up the pleasure of good food, my idea is to allow people to always eat in a certain way, - he explains Calogero - I am thinking above all of those who frequent our restaurant, who are used to quality food and I am committed to developing recipes that could also work with take-away. Thus was born the crispy steak. "

The latest addition to the dishes that the chef has reworked to make it take away is offered ready-made, or vacuum-packed, destined to finish cooking at the customer's home, fried in boiling oil. A truly excellent result from all points of view.

“A dish created for those who do not want to give up gourmet steak. I took the rib of beef, cleaned it of the fat, marinated it with honey, mustard and herbs. Then I breaded, vacuum-sealed and cooked for a short time at low temperature, just to cook the outside, and then I 'regenerated' it by frying it in seed oil. The quality of this dish remains very high and I am really satisfied ”.

La Trattoria Antica Calcinaia offers, in this period of restrictions related to Covid, takeaway dishes, both for lunch and dinner, and always of the highest level (ranging from crispy egg to truffle, to Chianti risotto with goat blue, pears and caramelized onions , to beef cheek stew, just to name a few); there is no shortage of exquisite signature pizzas by Marco Romoli.

“I'm sure this bad period will pass, it takes time but we must always try to overcome the difficulties, move forward and find solutions. If we can't go to the restaurant, let the restaurant come to us“, Concludes the chef.