The 31 January 2018 entered into force the 22 Law December 2017, n. 219, containing “Rules on informed consent and advance processing provisions". As referred to in Article 1, the 219 Law “protects the right to life, health, dignity and self-determination of the person and establishes that no health treatment can be started or continued if the person concerned has no free and informed consent, except in the cases expressly provided for by law ", in compliance with the principles of the Constitution (art. 2, 13 and 32) and the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union.

Le THAT of a person (also commonly referred to as "living will" or "bio testament") represent one of the novelties of the law. In anticipation of a possible future inability to self-determine and after having acquired adequate medical information on the consequences of their choices, the law provides for the possibility for each person to express their wishes regarding health treatments, as well as consent or rejection of: diagnostic tests, therapeutic choices, individual health treatments. DATs can be done by all people who are of age and able to understand and want.

The Conference organized by Pallium in collaboration with the CESVOT and with the patronage of City of Florence, wants to deepen a topic of great topicality, which concerns the freedom of choice of the individual, and the value of this law, wants to shed light on a topic that often generates confusion with the practice of euthanasia or assisted suicide.


Hours 15.00 Registration of the participants

Hours 15.30 Greetings from the authorities

Cristina Giachi, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Florence

Luigi Paccosi, President of Montedomini

Graziano Piccardi, President of the Pallium Association

Hours 16.00 17.00- Speakers speech

Paolo Ceccherini, Criminal and civil lawyer, "Law n. 219/17 and beyond: the new challenges of law "

Valeria Cavallini, Oncologist of the Pallium Association, "The anticipated treatment provisions: the role of the doctor in the conscious choice of each person"

Sergio Vitale, Professor Emeritus of the University of Florence, "The will of the person before the meaning of life and the meaning of death "

Moderator Milko Chilleri, journalist, director Pallium Informa

Hours 17.00 18.30- Questions and conclusions

Aperitif offered by the Pallium Scientific Association

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Free admission

The conference was organized in collaboration with CESVOT