The “Organic district of Fiesole will now be included by the Ministry for agricultural policies in the national register of food districts.

Virtuous and attentive to this issue for some time, already a rural district with a biological vocation, Fiesole has passed the "exam" imposed by the regional law on organic districts, proving that it has all the credentials to apply and graduate.

With at least 30% of organic production that it plans to increase, the more than 45 organic farms and with its well-done integrated economic plan, Fiesole has shown that it has among its priorities the development of organic and the protection and promotion of productions. organic farming of the territory and related supply chains, the development of the short supply chain, the promotion of agrobiodiversity together with the enhancement of peasant and traditional knowledge of the territory and the desire to promote them.

"It is a more than deserved recognition, for which the Municipality of Fiesole is committed because it strongly desired it and we are happy today to be able to communicate it - said the vice president Stefania Saccardi - The process, started in 2015, has gradually seen various important milestones that today we can say finally see their crowning. The district of Fiesole is part of a territory that is already very sensitized as well as known all over the world for its historical, artistic and cultural beauties. An important signal for the whole sector therefore. We are waiting for other municipalities to follow the same path soon. The regional law on organic districts provides for a table of the districts that must meet at least twice a year and we hope that many other protagonists will soon be seated at that table ”.

"I am very happy for this recognition that rewards an important work, done together with the councilor Stefania Iacomi, with all the farms, associations and citizens of our territory - said the mayor of Fiesole Anna Ravoni - Born from the experience of the group work of Cittadini for Fiesole "Conscious consumption and healthy eating" the work has gradually involved the territory that has reacted immediately with great attention to everything that is organic, natural and respectful for the environment.
It will now be an important recognition for the many farms that will be able to present themselves to the world as proud of this great work done. But also an important sign of appreciation for the entire Fiesole community, which has long been set in motion for an economic rebirth based on the values ​​of solidarity and hospitality, well-being and environmental protection. "