Spring, rebirth season also in the kitchen. Today we thought of a tasty and tasty recipe based on pumpkin flowers, low in calories and perfect to be consumed in this period. A dish that is easy to make and affordable for everyone.

Ilenia Innocenti, chef at "Il portico“, Restaurant a Strike in Chianti specializing in traditional Tuscan dishes, she owes her gastronomic knowledge to her grandmother who, from an early age, transmitted her the secrets of poor peasant cooking.

His cuisine is simple and based on a few products, all genuine but quality ingredients, chosen with care and attention. Here is his version of the fried courgette flowers, a perfect recipe to serve as an appetizer or a delicate side dish.

Before trying your hand at preparing this dish, remember to choose the freshest flowers and use them as soon as possible as they are very delicate and wilt quickly.


Fried courgette flowers

12 fresh courgette flowers, 1 egg, 150 g of flour 0, 220 ml of carbonated water (or wine
white or beer), frying oil, salt.

«The secret of fried courgette flowers? Get up early, go to the vegetable garden when the sun still doesn't
there is and pick the flowers when they are beautiful open. I prepare a light batter with egg, flour and carbonated water, or use a drop of white wine or a little beer: the result does not change. Obviously the carbonated water was not there once but was used the frizzina, the powder that makes the water effervescent and that in the houses of the peasants never failed "

The courgette flowers must be washed well, dried and then the pistil and the stems must be eliminated. Finally, they should be dipped in batter and fried in abundant oil. Once drained and left to dry on paper towels, they should be salted and served hot.

Text taken from "At the table from Florence to Chianti. A journey through food and wine. Raw materials, recipes and historical events"of Milko Chilleri, edited by Expos.