The images of the photographic journey strongly convey this message, in fact they have their roots in the artistic, cultural and landscape heritage of Tuscany, the cradle of the Renaissance, offering the wonder of the places with an original and unprecedented vision, returning to the observer the immense deposit of history we have. And this is precisely the claim of the promotion campaign: after 500 years, the motherland of the Renaissance continues to nourish souls and invigorate the senses, through all its riches and colors. Countryside "Tuscany. Endless Renaissance”Is the result of a series of complementary and progressive promotional actions, implemented in recent months to create new products and new tourism initiatives precisely to intercept national tourism and the first flows from neighboring countries. The strengths of this tourism strategy lie precisely in this network, which also develops on an artistic and creative platform, presenting the most authentic expression of the territories.

The title says it all. Beauty beyond limits. Because the landscapes presented are of boundless beauty, even for the kind of shot with which they were obtained. Massimo Sestini often works in flight, on helicopters or military aircraft, descends into the abyss, and when the means of transport is not enough to get a certain shot from above, he invents gymnastic adventures and finds technical solutions to move his telephoto lens where no hand human can come. He is not interested in the reproduction of reality, as much as the experience we make of it thanks to the way, the technical and performative choice he has decided.

“Even in one of the most difficult years for Florence - declares the mayor Dario Nardella - the Forte di Belvedere is confirmed as a civic and exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art. Massimo Sestini's photos are unpublished and author's glimpses of our land that through his eyes we too can see in a completely different perspective. We are now giving them away to visitors together with the wish to come out soon, all together, in these very hard and penalizing months ".