Today thanks to biotechnologies it is possible to extract and enhance highly functional active ingredients, derived from plants, which are used to obtain cutting-edge natural cosmetic formulations. Meeting point between tradition and innovation, the Fermented they are the new horizon towards which organic cosmetics are appearing.

To use them in its new Face Line is Soap Workshop of Prato, a craft cosmetic workshop, a young and dynamic company, in which Valentina Tocci, with great professionalism and passion, he also creates soaps and great organic products for body and hair care.

The formulations of the new Face Line of Officina dei Saponi they are inspired by oriental culture, but provide for the exclusive use of vegetable raw materials from the Italian territory. The medicinal plants, selected for their properties, are first subjected to a process of bio-liquefaction, to then be fermented. from fermentation natural and highly functional active ingredients are obtained, rich in amino acids, trace elements, minerals, vitamins and nucleic acids with high bio-availability and dermo-compatibility, which stimulate the production of collagen and counteract cellular aging, giving a deep hydration.


La Face Line of Officina dei Saponi It is composed of different organic cosmetic products to satisfy the demand for all types of skin.

First of all, theEssence, a "shock" treatment that intensely moisturizes the skin, composed of Galactomiceti and fermented plant extracts that work in synergy to improve the appearance of the epidermis. It can be used as a single daily treatment or as a preparatory base for the beauty routine.

In the Face Line there are also three mixes of Fermented which, in conjunction with specific biological active ingredients, constitute different product families:

Repairing Anti-age Line: serum and face cream based on Damascena Rose and Pomegranate fermented, Wheat bran extract and Alba white truffle;
Moisturizing and Soothing Line: serum and cream based on fermented lentisk and myrtle and extracts of prickly pear, mallow and calendula;
Purifying Line and Anti-imperfections: serum and cream based on fermented Oak and Sage, Alpha-hydroxy fruit acids, and extracts of Ginger, Boswellia Resin and Red Grapes.

Moreover, the whole Face Line of Officina dei Saponi contains Acid Hyaluronic, which guarantees deep hydration, and very high quality vegetable oils.

In the small cosmetic laboratory based in Prato, Tuscany, Valentina Tocci creates products for personal care, rigorously certified Organic and Vegan. The following are also part of the Officina dei Saponi product line artisanal organic soaps, made following the ancient method of cold saponification. This method allows to obtain soaps rich in nutrients and emollients, perfumed with essential oils and colored with dyeing herbs. The range of products ends four lines for body and hair care, as well as a complete line dedicated to children, to cuddle them following the organic way. All products are free of Sle, Sles, Peg, Edta, Parabens, Silicones and animal derivatives.

Artisan quality. The processing of products - from conception, to the search for raw materials, to the study of fragrances, to packaging and labeling ¬ - is exclusively artisan and taken care of in every detail.

Respect for animals. Officina dei Saponi products are vegan and cruelty free.

Attention to the environment. Unplated paper, recycled plastic, wood and glass are the materials used for packaging. The new Face Line of Officina dei Saponi is all in glass, recyclable and eco-sustainable at 100%.

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