Beatrice Segoni, renowned chef of Marche origins, celebrates thirty years of career at the Florentine restaurant Konnubio, in via dei Conti. A true professional of good food who, with great transport, puts emotion and creativity first in her work.

"What I do is very similar to my first job, I was a fashion designer and the same creativity can be put in the kitchen," explains Beatrice.

The Chef has a tough character. After a past as a fashion designer, she chooses to help her husband in opening a restaurant and, at least initially, certainly not as a cook. But Beatrice is tenacious, she follows a professional course and in a short time she makes giant leaps, she even manages to get in touch with the famous chef Vissani and to be welcomed into her kingdom, her kitchen. A great training experience and an incomparable school of life.


"The best experience is the one I did with Gianfranco Vissani who taught me to know the raw material. Many good memories. I had the opportunity to cook for important people like Bill Clinton and the President of the Republic. They are beautiful and very formative experiences. Once I found myself in difficulty, it was a lunch organized for Schumacher, in Munich, in a former ceramics kiln. I had to cook bread in an oven that exceeded 700 ° C. Gianfranco Vissani just told me 'arranged!', He tells the Chef today with a smile.

White polenta with fennel snail

Thirty years of career, therefore, that Beatrice celebrates for the occasion with the dishes of her land, the Marche. Excellent quality raw materials, the tradition of ancient recipes combined with hints of originality and good taste, such as the White polenta with fennel snail: a simple and delicate appetizer in which the aroma of wild fennel is combined perfectly with the scent of the sea that gives off the snails.

Lasagnette with stockfish

Then follow the Lasagnette with stockfish all'anconetana. A first refined based on first quality ingredients in which the pasta cooked in an excellent way happily combines with the flavor of the excellent fish, cooked on bamboo wood and seasoned to perfection.

Monkfish with potacchio

The dish we found most interesting? There Monkfish in potacchio and chips with black cuttlefish, A recipe of good memories, which recalls the menu of Torcoletto, Beatrice's first restaurant, in Porto Recanati. The meat is excellent, the olives are rightly bitter.

Maritozzo with chantilly cream and malaga ice cream

The dinner ends with a Maritozzo with chantilly cream and malaga ice cream, a real treat for the palate, a feast for gourmands.

A kitchen that in every dish expresses an almost masculine vigor but, at the same time, a certain delicacy, the light and most beautiful touch of a woman, as well as a passion that surely contributes to making it the established Chef that it is today.

"The best compliment? I received so many and they are those of when a client tells me 'you made me live an emotion'. Transmitting an emotion through a dish is a beautiful thing ".