In May 2021 the RC Lorenzo the Magnificent performed an important service for theAbbey of San Miniato al Monte in Florence: a work of ordinary maintenance on the entire roof of the historic church which was in an evident situation of decay.

“After having made a cognitive investigation of the whole roof and then going to work in a punctual way on the canals, on the eaves but also on the marble of the façade, where there were problems with the growth of herbs. - explains  Fabio Laborers, architect and RC Firenze partner Lorenzo the Magnificent - I worked with a safety plan in order to be able to intervene even in the presence, as well as the workers of the company, even the tourists, the monks who circulated in the square. A preparatory work so that in the future there are no problems related to internal wetting or percolation "

At Villa Medici, home of the club, the intervention carried out on the roof and facade of the monumental complex was presented to all members; the help of a detailed video enabled those present to understand the nature of the intervention, strongly desired by the past president of the Club Pietro Lombardi.

The construction company in charge was the Combaj Pllumb of Terranuova Bracciolini (Arezzo), it has worked with extreme skill and with special means for work at height, namely: mobile crane with a 2-man basket elavator system (accurately removing the large amount of invasive elements). It should be remembered that in the initial phase an inspection was carried out with a large photographic survey on the entire coverage with the aid of a drone (to identify exactly the areas where to operate).

“A series of acrobatic workers climbed onto the roof and did their job in three days. It was wonderful because then, among other things, on a platform that went up and down to carry the material, Father Bernardo also climbed and went all the way to the top: an incredible emotion ”, says Lombardi.

“Getting our hands on San Miniato is an extremely difficult and expensive thing but our past president got the idea: why don't we clean the eaves, the roof tiles of the Basilica? And so they did, they did an excellent job that Father Bernardo appreciated so much, ”he said Carlo Steinhauslin, president of RC Firenze Lorenzo the Magnificent 2020-2021.

A restoration that served as a prelude to the recognition of the Basilica within the boundaries of the UNESCO heritage.

"A recognition that restores to our awareness what in reality every Florentine has always known, and that is that San Miniato al Monte belongs to the world for the universality of its beauty and its great languages ​​that remind everyone what Florentine Humanism means ”, Says father Bernard Gianni, abbot of the Abbey of San Miniato al Monte.

During the evening, Father Bernardo Gianni was also named honorary member of the Club.