On 18 January the Committee for the protection and defense of Val d'Elsa, which aims to protect and defend the environment, health, quality of life, the territory, the landscape, people and businesses, with particular reference to the problems strictly related to the territories of the Municipalities of Barberino Tavarnelle, Certaldo, Poggibonsi and San Gimignano.

In fact, it creates strong concern in the citizens crest of 60 meters who wants to build the Deta Distillery in Barberino Tavarnelle and wonder how such a work can be contextualized in an area with a strong tourist appeal, for example, with nearby San Gimignano, known throughout the world, whose tallest tower, that of the Clock, is only 52 meters!

In December, during an online citizen assembly conducted by the Mayor, the citizenship connected remotely, the contents of the request of the Deta Distillery to double the working days from the current 150 to 300, resulting in aincrease in the duration and quantity of dusts and nauseating odors in the air; as well as the proposed solution, to build a 60-meter chimney, to combat the thermal pressure that does not dissolve the fumes and emissions into the air.

For the inhabitants and the established companies in the Val d'Elsa area, the situation with the Deta distillery had already been critical for some time; various reports to the competent authorities of the problems of the territory, of a significant "harm to the neighborhood".

Previously the company carried out a work activity of 150 days in a period of lower tourist turnout, with the request to double the working days and the construction of the chimney the questions are:

  • how will the important relationship of environmental policy and economy coexist?
  • Could this great increase in emissions and dust, dispersed in a wider area, compromise the vocation of organic agriculture that is very much felt in Tuscany?
  • How to live with the increase in the nauseating smell that makes the air unbreathable; the constant emissions, for such long periods, can compromise the health of citizens?

The New Committee, in relation to the objective concerns of the population, wants to turn the spotlight on the issue and has entrusted professionals with the task of making assessments. The committee also stresses that the regulatory plan, even though it has expired, does not provide for increases in activity, even for existing companies, due to the already strong urban and environmental load of the area.

Last but not least, the Municipality of Barberino Tavarnelle has the prestige of being an area of ​​Chianti; Can this chimney and the fumes create critical issues for the candidacy for the inclusion of Chianti in the list of UNESCO heritage sites?

This superb territory cannot take risks and it is everyone's duty to protect it for future generations.

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