A library, 14 bands and 53 musicians in a virtual space to support those who have been making music and culture with passion on Elba for years. It is the project B.Music which, sponsored by the Municipality of Campo nell'Elba, was created precisely to strongly claim the centrality of the cultural resource for the island.

Music is in fact one of the strongest points, with about thirty realities, dozens of professionals and the involvement of a hundred people including sector operators and musicians, today all severely hit by the restrictions of the Covid emergency.

A place of culture, the municipal library of Campo nell'Elba, will be the concert stage. Tonight, Saturday 23 January at 18.30pm i Ravanera, Daniela Soria, Francesco Porro, Susanna Di Scala, Massimo Galli and Alessandro Balestrini, they baptize the initiative with their research between singing, nursery rhyme and storytelling in the cultural heritage of the people of Elba.

"The project was born from an idea of ​​the Linc Cooperative (Working together in the community), which is part of the Astir Consortium and deals with community planning, sustainable development and social impact - explains the vice president Guido Ricci - Together with the La Giostra di Campo nell'Elba Association we have taken up the challenge of giving voice to the Elban music scene. The goal is to support the varied panorama of the island of Elba, which represents a treasure of multiple value: animators and catalysts for the summer seasons on the one hand, but also a garrison of culture, meeting and sharing, a lifeline in moments in which the island "turns off".

Every week until April a group of musicians will perform for half an hour and the concert will be broadcast live on Saturday at 18.30 on Social (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram) of B.Music and partners. On the calendar there are already the dates for The company of the reckless (January 30), Datazero (February 6) and Renoir (February 13).

The crowdfunding campaign on the platform has also been active for a few days, which finances concerts and the publication of a collective album, but also throws a seed to build collaborations, virtuous networks between artists and their territory. Thanks to the musicians and musicians who got involved and to the sponsors, those who support the initiative will be able to choose between different prizes, some very original: from the B.Music playlist created for the project, to music lessons, from d 'products. excellence to works of art.

Numerous, as mentioned, the sponsors: the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, the Pro Loco Campo nell'Elba, Enjoy Elba & The Tuscan Archipelago, a magazine dedicated to the Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, a network of local excellence and a hub for cultural promotion, Acqua dell'Elba and Arrighi Farm.

The concerts will be organized in full compliance with the health and hygiene prevention rules and can be followed
on the Facebook channel (@ B.Music Elba - music among books),
Instagram (@ b.music_musica_tra_i_libri),
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