The women are the protagonists of the exhibition Artiste. Florence 1900-1950 set up from 22 September to 18 November at the Exhibition Space of the CR Firenze Foundation (Via Bufalini 6 - Free admission). It is promoted and organized by the CR Firenze Foundation and Advancing Women Artists in collaboration with the GP Vieusseux Cabinet and the Il Palmerino Cultural Association and is sponsored by the Consulate of the United States of America in Florence. It is part of the program of the Festival "The Heritage of Women" (21, 22, 23 September) promoted and organized by the CR Firenze Foundation and by Elastica and which, with the artistic direction of Serena Dandini, dedicates a series of appointments with guests of national and international reach to the theme of female empowerment and its contribution to the progress of humanity.

The exhibition, curated by Lucia Mannini and Chiara Toti, has as its pivot the figures of Leonetta Pieraccini and Fillide Giorgi, two artists who were united by deep friendship, also sharing the destiny of bonding with two intellectuals with strong personalities: Emilio Cecchi and Arrigo Levasti . Both pupils of Giovanni Fattori at the beginning of the twentieth century, they became interested in international artistic innovations, proving to be painters of great quality. To document the path of Leonetta, who moved to Rome without severing the link with Florence, are some portraits of exponents of the culture and literature of the time, flanked by a more intimate repertoire, linked to the family dimension; to represent the career of Fillide are still lifes of international flavor and Florentine views, the result of a very personal, almost naive style, which returns vivid images of the city, in particular of the area of ​​Viale Milton, where he had his studio.


A corollary of works by contemporary artists unfolds around this fulcrum, an essay on the female artistic production of the first half of the twentieth century that centered on Florence. Paintings by Flavia Arlotta, Elisabeth Chaplin, Vittoria Morelli, Marisa Mori, Elena Salvaneschi, Adriana Pincherle and sculptures by Evelyn Scarampi will document how the languages ​​of art were faced by women with great seriousness and professionalism, offering the opportunity for reflection on their role in the society of the first half of the twentieth century, among the difficulties of obtaining credibility and a market equal to men, the need to reconcile creative commitment with family needs, up to the possibilities offered by female associations, of which most our artists was an active member.

The exhibition consists of about forty works, some of which have never been exhibited to the public, on loan from private collectors as well as from museums and public institutions, including the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, the Uffizi Gallery-Galleria d 'Modern Art of Palazzo Pitti and the scientific and literary cabinet GP Vieusseux. Furthermore, on the occasion of the event, the organizing committee has borne the costs for the restoration and conservation maintenance of many of the works on display: permanent interventions aimed at enhancing and making accessible to the public works of art that are evidence of cultural vitality and art that has always characterized Florence, its history and its citizens. The catalog is published by Edizioni Polistampa (120 pages, 16 euros).

'' It is an all-female autumn - declares the President of the CR Firenze Foundation Umberto Tombari - thanks to the festival 'The legacy of women' wanted by our institution at a time when their role in civil society is a subject of strong discussion . This original exhibition that we have promoted together with AWA (Advancing Women Artists) with the collaboration of the A. Bonsanti Contemporary Archive of the GP Vieusseux Scientific Literary Cabinet fits into this context. The exhibition mainly focuses on art in the period between the two wars, in a Florence poised between pro-European thrusts and traditional recovery, and the protagonists are Fillide Giorgi and Leonetta Pieraccini, friends since their formative years with Giovanni Fattori. We believe that the aspects highlighted and the unpublished ideas offered by this occasion are precious to encourage a renewed reflection on the past but above all on our present ''.

By restoring the art of women, we also aim to restore their place in the annals of art history. Their stories must be heard and their works revealed. », Explains the director of AWA, Linda Falcone.

The exhibition is also accompanied by a series of other events in the city: a series of conferences entitled "Stories of artists between pages and brushes ", organized by the Il Palmerino Cultural Association, and the exhibition An artist with an apostrophe. Among the Fillide Levasti cards, centered on the artist Fillide Levasti, inspired by the archives of the Marucelliana Library.


Exhibition Space Fondazione CR Firenze, Via Bufalini 6 - Florence

22 September - 18 November 2018

Opening time:

from Thursday to Sunday

continuous schedule 10 / 18

Free admission