Italy is a country rich in artisans, creativity and design. Within the exhibition spaces of the International Craft Show I discover unique works rich in ingenuity and innovation.

Furnishings and furnishing accessories, clothing and accessories, silverware and goldsmiths, gifts, objects, cosmetics, packaged food and wine products, many Artists / Craftsmen who crowd the pavilions of the 80th Florentine exhibition. Walking through the corridors, I pay attention to some "Artists" who, with their hands, create objects with a unique charm.

  • Olifante, the art in the shape of wood
  • Simone Sirna, sculptures of light
  • Sunil Kumar Ghorpade, gifts and furnishing accessories
  • Alberto Biadene, De 'Workshop design studio
  • Stefano Pilato, Fresh Fish Art
  • Patrizio Palombo, Chiarugi