"In such an uncertain period, the challenge we set ourselves with Donna Giorgiana was not to leave the artisans alone, to continue to be by their side, support and promote them, in the desire to help them start again because, as she always maintained, the 'craftsmanship represents an identity value ”, he recalls Neri Torrigiani who together with her organized twenty-six editions of the Show with a format that wasn't there, guided by a concrete principle of pioneering patronage, aimed not only at safeguarding but also at seeking interpreters of a new world. "It was the starting point of our project that I was lucky enough to develop with Donna Giorgiana, learning the meaning of well-made things and unique pieces, which today we will continue to carry out together with Sabina Corsini", new president of the Corsini Garden Association

“This is the exhibition imagined and that my mother would have wanted. Aware of the privilege of having had her great example, I take the helm today and, with the help of Neri Torrigiani, I will make use of what she has taught us, to maintain her commitment to the craftsmanship she loved and protected with enthusiasm, always curious about young people. Help us to support them because, today they need a joint effort even more ”, he says Sabina Corsini.

The only event in the sector in the Italian trade fair panorama 2020, the XXVI edition of HANDICRAFT AND PALACE leads to the Corsini Garden in Florence, from 17 to 20 September, a new selection of master craftsmen proposing an unprecedented journey, to discover arts and crafts but also of those who have made experimentation their workhorse.


For four days 70 craftsmen, custodians of timeless knowledge in different sectors, will interact with visitors while they are at work in their little corners of the shop, rebuilt for the occasion in the lemon houses and among the parterre of the Italian garden.

Fata Morgana, copy by Filippo Tattini

But there will also be the “Exhibitions in the Exhibition”, set up under the Loggia del Buontalenti and in Ballroom of Palazzo Corsini, open to the public for the first time, headquarters of the Mascarade Opera Foundation; the afternoon gastronomic events of RICETTE DI FAMIGLIA and many other cultural initiatives, linked to the fundraising campaign "GIAMBOLOGNA AND THE MORGANA FAIRY " addressed to the precious monumental complex of the Source of the Fata Morgana to be discovered in the Tuscan hills.


In a unique setting, along the avenues of the Italian Corsini garden, designed by Gherardo Silvani, in the Limonaie also this edition ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO will bring new master craftsmen from Italy and abroad for a journey through arts and crafts linked to the most ancient traditions, sometimes translated into contemporary codes.

Potters, glass grinders, silver embossers and goldsmiths, carvers, restorers, luthiers, tailors, inlayers of semi-precious stones and wood, straw weavers, designers, and many other historic workshops.

Guests of ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO il Giovane luthier Stefano Bertoli, winner of "Artigiano del Cuore 2020" thanks to which he will be able to build a viola da gamba in G, by purchasing fine woods from Italian companies that respect the environment; and the historic art printing house The Hippogriff which for more than 40 years has re-proposed the ancient art of etching but which today risks closing due to the difficult generational transition.

Among new in this edition: the Florentine Dedalica - Art in Technology that he realizes with the terracotta from Impruneta high-end audio systems for a unique musical listening experience, combining the mixture of clay, enamels, powder paints, and special finishes in 24K gold, silver and bronze, the result of in-depth acoustic studies. The sundials garden and the quadrants frescoed on the facades of Giuseppe Giudici - commonly called "sundials" - to return to observe the flow of time, the seasons and admire the precision of celestial mechanics. Tabinotabi with his sartorial creations in organic plant tissues, made through a zero impact process and without the release of chemical waste, able to protect the skin from environmental influences, to promote cell regeneration and soothe inflammation. The suggestive sculptures bright lights of the Viennese Beatrix Bulla that collects in alpine forests roots, trunks, barks, branches and assembles them, creating original shapes that emanate the scents of nature. The K-Over cases, for champagne and wine bottles of PMP Florence handmade by the most skilled Florentine goldsmiths in pure 24kt gold or 999 ° silver. Stefano Benazzo multifaceted artist who will present an extraordinary series of miniature models of religious and historical buildings.

And again: the multicolored ones artistic stained glass windows area of Folco Bruschi glassworks or the 'Ancient Glass Workshop which, through the effect of light, create surprising colored reflections and shades; the fairy-tale sculptures in papier-mâché de l 'Sloth tree by Mieke Verbert; the eco-sustainable wooden ones of the line Anitya by Angela Cosenza, obtained through the recovery of materials found in nature; turned wooden objects of Stefano Longhini; the jewels with a retro taste by Eleonora Lucifer, performed following the 'beading' technique using Bohemian and Swarovski crystals; the medicinal preparations and cosmetics of Officinal Dolomite with herbs grown in the Belluno Dolomites; the restored stuccos and plaster decorations of Gypsea; the precious ones leather goods entirely handcrafted and decorated by Peroni Florence and the big ones Renaissance panels made by Ivan Ceschin.

In the exhibition it will also be possible to meet important realities that will help us to remember the pastimes of the past, such asFriends of Toy Association who restores ancient toys to make today's children rediscover the taste of yesterday's game; "The Cross Stitch Club" born in Florence in 1994 to spread the love for embroidery and for the numerous techniques related to needle and thread.

The presence of some historic workshops that have long accompanied the growth of ARTISAN AND PALACE, such as the goldsmith, is also confirmed Paolo Penko Moleria Locchi, the decorator Tommaso De Carlo, the master of straw weaving Giotto Scaramelli. 


Guests of ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO, a group of artisans during 35 selected by BLOGS & CRAFT, the competition created to support young artisans, with the desire to help them enhance the uniqueness of their work, created thanks to the support of the Ferragamo Foundation, in collaboration with Starhotels, The Student Hotel and FOOO.

Model the ceramic Elisabetta D'Arienzo; creates artistic sessions the designer Cosimo De Vita; loom weaves with techniques of the Versilian tradition Lisa Fontana; are contemporary jewelry those of Lodovica Fusco; unveils the art of cammeo Melania Gorini; creates in stoneware and porcelain objects for furniture Sara Bardazzi Il luthier Martino Quintavalla combines a passion for music with an experience as a researcher in materials engineering; is Andrea Biviano devotes himself to ancient engraving techniques, preferring the Woodcut.

To document them live while I'm at work, with a look also on the exhibition, there will be ten influencer selected experts da BLOGS & CRAFTS 2020, guests in Florence of Starhotels and The Student Hotel.


ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO will host many other exhibitions this year, set up in the Ballroom of Palazzo Corsini and under the monumental Loggia del Buontalenti that frames the Palazzo.


The exhibitions in the Palazzo Corsini Ballroom are linked to fundraising "GIAMBOLOGNA AND THE MORGAN FAIRY", which concerns a suggestive sixteenth-century nymphaeum in the municipality of Bagno a Ripoli.

Details for donations on:

Artists and designer contemporaries interpret the legend linked to the Casetta delle Fate, in a harmonious combination of ancient and modern languages:


Before being placed in the place for which it was conceived, visitors will be able to admire the copy of the statue of the Fata Morgana by Giambologna made in natural size (99 x 45 x 68 cm) from restorer specialized in restoration of cultural heritage Filippo Tattini who reproduced it through a complex manual work with the help of state-of-the-art technologies.

Next the statue will be exhibited in world premiere the new Holiday design bathtub by Devon & Devon.

The essential and sculptural lines of the tub thus interact with those of the Fata Morgana which rests on a pedestal made by the craftsmen of Devon & Devon using the same Calacatta Oro marble used for the covering of the Holiday plinth. The Florentine company Devon & Devon, in addition to providing its financial support, contributed to the setting up of the exhibition dedicated to the Fata Morgana and chose ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO to present its new Holiday bathtub, designed in collaboration with the American studio, as a world preview. of Gensler architecture.


Nicola Toffolini - recently awarded the Grant of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation of New York in recognition and support of his work - he achieved 10 works on paper for the project "MEDUSA SOURCE"Inspired by the works of Giambologna stolen over the centuries from the building of the "Fonte della Fata Morgana "now gone missing: primarily il "Mask" of Medusa - originally placed in the external niche from which travelers could obtain water - but also the "Cat monster" from which the water gushed out coat of arms of the Medici family with relative Golden Fleece of Grand Duke Cosimo I of Tuscany and the sun of "Trigram" of San Bernardino da Siena. The exhibited works are also collected in a catalog with an introductory text by Antonio Natali, former director of the Uffizi Gallery.


In support of the campaign "GIAMBOLOGNA AND THE MORGAN FAIRY", the master goldsmith Paolo Penko - together with his sons Alessandro and Riccardo - he made by hand, according to the ancient techniques of the Florentine goldsmith tradition, a unique jewel limited edition reproducing the band bracelet carved on the arm of the Fata Morgana, for sale at ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO and whose proceeds will enrich the fundraising.

Godmother of the operation “Contemporary morgana” Angela Rafanelli.



Extraordinary items communicate the issues of inclusion and redemption artistic wallpapers, 6 meters high, handmade by the artisan workshops of Community of San Patrignano, addiction recovery community.

The exhibition itinerary tells the experience of the San Patrignano Decoration Laboratory which, born in the late seventies, has seen over time the great names of theinterior design. First among all, Renzo Mongiardino who was the artistic director of the first construction sites. Important collaborations, starting from a simple sketch, were subsequently started with Peter Marino, Natalia Bianchi, Alberto Pinto, Michael Smith and recently Vito Nesta and Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam.

"Thanks to ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO, the young people of the Community will have the opportunity to meet a selected public, interested in the expressions of an artistic craftsmanship of which San Patrignano has handed down techniques and knowledge since its foundation, with particular attention to environmental sustainability" he explains Alessandro Pieri, Area Administrator for the Community.

Guest of ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO, the Community of San Patrignano is also present in the exhibition with a stand where their products are on sale which, inspired by the ancient craft shops, testify to personal paths of rebirth.


The project talks about sharing and belonging CITYNG of the young craftsman-designer Florentine Cosimo De Vita, which was selected by ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO for the section BLOGS & CRAFTS.

"CITYNG is a journey between West and East, between tradition and contemporaneity"; the chairs are handcrafted in solid wood, but are decorated using a numerically controlled pantograph: I think the craftsmanship of the future will have to know how to communicate the knowledge of the past with the technologies of the present, just as humanity will have to find a balance between celebration of national diversity, and a necessary intercultural dialogue ”, explains Cosimo De Vita.

Born in Florence, where he lives and works, protagonist of various international exhibitions, Cosimo De Vita exhibits 16 monumental sessions, representing the symbolic cultural sites of the world, created in collaboration with the Savio Firmino company.


Among the initiatives of CRAFTS AND PALACE 2020, the afternoon meetings (18 pm) of "Family Recipes" by the journalist Annamaria Tossani, in collaboration with Riccardo Barthel, dedicated to the gastronomic culture and family traditions of our country.

The common thread this year is the art ofhospitality in the ancient residences, transformed over time into accommodation facilities, told by four luxury hotels that, with their restaurants, will offer unpublished recipes linked to the myth of the Fata Morgana: Relais & Chateaux Il Falconiere, Cortona: "Il Falconiere Restaurant" - Chef Silvia Baracchi; Belmond Villa San Michele, Fiesole: "Ristorante la Loggia" - Chef Alessandro Cozzolino; Helvetia & Bristol, Florence: "Restaurant Bristol Winter Garden" - Chef Pasquale D'Ambrosio; The St Regis Florence, Florence: "The Winter Garden restaurant" - Chef Gentian Shehi

They will also be awarded the Perseus Award to the exhibitor most appreciated by the public and - by the Organizing Committee - the "Giorgiana Corsini" Award for the most beautiful stand that offers the winner a free stand for the 2021 Exhibition.

THECorsini Garden Association organizes and promotes ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO, and is a non-profit cultural association, committed to enhancing and protecting the quality of craftsmanship excellence, the value of handmade products and the important heritage of knowledge and techniques handed down by true master craftsmen, the only protagonists of the Made in Italy.