Simple photographic shots, without the use of graphic corrections or overlaps, Matthias Pommer through his works he tells a parallel world, which invites our imagination to set off.

"I call it a diaphanous filter, which practically alters the perception of an optical situation" - he says Matthias - “you look through something, it can be water, plastic, smoke, fog whatever. Most of the images in this personal show were obtained through reflexes and diaphanias. They do not represent surreal fantasies, but the metaphorical search for other possible realities. "

A "photographic painting" that evokes visions, dreams of past memories, a technique that accompanies our mind out of time and space.


"If I look inside the water I notice a reflection" - continues Matthias - "I just have to find the right angle and wait for the right light to make the shot."

The exhibition is visible in the tasting room of the Fattoria Montecchio in San Donato in Poggio