In Signa straw processing dates back to 1500, thanks to the happy intuition of Domenico Michelacci the art of weaving assumes an insubstantial character.

"As a child I heard that the houses here in Signa were built thanks to straw" - he says Angelita Benelli, president of the Museo della Paglia e Intreccio association Domenico Michelacci - "then I was told that since the 50 years in Lastra a Signa and Signa the straw was grown to make hats, and it was economically very profitable."

"Even today there exist on the whole territory of the plain about 40 companies that produce hats" - he says Eleonora Tozzi, director of the Museo Civico della Paglia - "and still today they still work at high levels of excellence. "


Thanks to the donation of the company Oreste Melozzi of Sesto Fiorentino, the museum inaugurates a section dedicated to ornaments, a collection of sample books, a precious heritage of ideas and creativity, entitled From the head to the feet.

"In this section of the museum are exhibited objects and trimmings for shoes, sandals and bags." - continues Angelita Benelli - "Objects made of various materials, from ceramic straw but also wood. And also a huge collection of hats. "

A museum that of the straw of Signa that sees among the first founding members of its own Ferdinando Melozzi.

"He was one of the first to donate many of the objects in this museum." - they say Sandra and Laura Melozzi - "Ferdinando was a whimsical and creative man, and his greatest desire has always been to preserve all the material over time. "

today Museum of Straw that of collaborations with fashion houses in the area is also open to a new direction.

"Our aim is to revalue an art, that of the intertwining of straw" - he continues Eleonora Tozzi - "That has never stopped but that today requires new strength and a certain renewal, without denying tradition. "