Sunday 3 November 2019, goes on stage at TuscanyHall of Florence (19,30 hours) the show "See you in a thousand years. Journey to discover the fascinating culture of the Silk Road”, The only Tuscan date of the great all-Chinese show, which with an incredible festival of sounds and colors will accompany the public through 5000 years of Chinese history. The show is organized by the press office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Italy and the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Florence, and arrives in the Tuscan capital thanks to the collaboration of Zhong art International.

Chinese culture has ancient roots. In the course of its evolution, long invisible “threads” have been weaving a close link between East and West, to create the so-called Silk Road: much more than a trade route, but a luminous road that has favored fruitful cultural and artistic exchanges between the two worlds.

Lo spettacolo See you in a thousand years overwhelms the public with the fascination of Chinese culture and the different art forms developed within this ancient civilization: singing, dancing and music blend beautifully with extraordinary acoustic effects and magical light effects, to present some of the key characters in the friendship between East and West, telling meaningful historical events and describing unique territories with millenary traditions.


And so on stage we will see not only the very Italian Marco Polo, but also Zhang Qian, the Chinese pioneer of the Silk Road that in its mission in the western regions actually opened communications as far back as 139 before Christ; or the great navigator Zheng He, which in the first half of the '400 is said to have managed to reach the African coasts, passing through Indochina and India.

Among the dances, will not miss the "Dance of a thousand arms", Choreography known throughout the world based on the figure of the Buddha of great compassion traditionally depicted with innumerable hands, alongside more refined dances such as that of the" Apsaras volanti ", which is inspired by the exceptional murals and sculptures of the Mogao Caves, important Chinese archaeological site. "Apsaras" is the name of the flying deities of the Buddhist pantheon, which unlike the western iconographic representation of the angels dress elegant feminine dresses, conducting with iridescent silk ribbons. The "Rainbow Dress Ball" originates from what was held in the imperial palace of the Tang dynasty in China more than 1.000 years ago: a group of court ladies danced in colorful long-sleeved dresses, bringing the audience into the enchanted world of fairies in the Palace on the Moon.

With the "Concert of bronze bells and drums"You will have the exceptional opportunity to appreciate one of the first Chinese musical forms: the bronze bells are in fact the oldest percussion instrument in the country, here accompanied by performances of drums and tajiquan, choreography of dancers who express at the same time grace and energy.

Also countless songs, like "The goose wild"Typical of the Mongolian minority," Mo Li Hua "(meaning" Flowers of jasmine "), one of the most famous traditional poems in China, famous also in the West for having been filmed by Giacomo Puccini in the Turandot with the air" Là sui monti Europe ". Some tracks from other countries now considered classics will also be reviewed and interpreted, such as "España cañí", the famous piece of Spanish paso doble and, as a tribute to Italy, a surprising version of "O 'sole mio".

"See you in a thousand years"Is an enchanted and engaging journey to discover the ancient culture of China, in which music, dance, colors and sounds come together in a suggestive and urgent representation, which will leave the audience breathless.

Tickets for the show are available at the Box Office Toscana pre-sales points ( tel. 055.210804) and online at (tel. 892.101). Info tel. 055.6504112.