The video footage of the 285 days of construction, with drones and modern animations, together with historical materials and unpublished photos, document the exceptional restoration work that brought the complex of Ramps built by Giuseppe Poggi.

The documentary 'The great restoration of the rampspromoted and funded by the CR Firenze Foundation and created by the Florence 3DSign Studio. The imposing restoration was entirely supported by the CR Firenze Foundation with an economic commitment of 2,5 million euros in the context of the 'Art Bonus' legislation, in collaboration with the various offices of the Municipality of Florence and with the technicians of Studio Hydea , appointed by the Foundation.

In the documentary the art historian Antonio Paolucci, former minister for cultural and environmental heritage and superintendent for the Polo Museale Fiorentino, traces the birth of the monumental complex of Poggi, capturing its fundamental elements: nature and water. Using modern technologies, the old photographs of the Ramps come back to life with a three-dimensional perspective that seems to catapult the viewer into the past. The video then addresses the theme of restoration, the largest of the last 50 years in Florence in terms of the number of people involved (49 companies and 258 human resources) but also for the complexity of the operation. The shots were taken during the construction site showing unprecedented perspectives and meticulous workmanship to restore the work to its ancient beauty. In the documentary also the interventions of the mayor Dario Nardella, the former president of the CR Firenze Foundation Umberto Tombari and his successor Luigi Salvadori and the workers who, at various levels and for different skills, were involved in the complex operation.


“Never as in this moment - he says Luigi Salvadori, President of the CR Firenze Foundation - we feel the need to regain possession of our city, its nature and its beauty Today another piece of lockdown ends, but the effects of the health emergency continue to make the prospect of a return to normality. Our invitation is to enjoy the beauty of the Rampe, an open-air 'museum' that we can enjoy immediately with the hope that art will soon return to life in all its forms ".

“The inauguration of the ramps was just a year ago - underlines the mayor Dario Nardella - but it seems a century has passed. This virus that took us by surprise hit us in the heart and soul and deprived us of priceless goods: of many human lives, of our freedom, of work, of school, of closeness, of physical contact. But it also prevented us from being able to enjoy the artistic beauties of our city for many weeks. Now, step by step, let's try to get back to a new normal. I am sure that many Florentines will love being able to reach Piazzale Michelangelo again by walking through the extraordinary path of the Ramps, renovated to the original beauty and harmony desired by the architect Giuseppe Poggi. This documentary is therefore here not only to remind us of the history of this monument and the painstaking restoration work, but also to re-tie a cracked but never interrupted thread, the relationship between each of us and our city ”.