Antinori presents the work of Sam Falls "Untitled (Antinori)"

For the Chianti Classico winery, the artist has created a site-specific environmental pictorial work


The work, unpublished and specially designed to interact with the extraordinary hilly landscape of the Chianti Classico, it will enrich the permanent collection kept in the Antinori winery in the Chianti Classico and will be visible from Wednesday June 26 2019

A new clientele continues the spirit of patronage that 26 generations animates the activity of the Antinori family and follows the numerous invitations addressed to some of the most interesting authors of the current panorama. The art of Sam Falls in particular finds a happy and unexpected parallelism in the winemaking tradition guarded by the Antinori family. In fact, the artistic practice of Falls and the wine-making one both revolve around the relationship between man and nature: the works are born within the subtle balance between the intervention of the artist, or of the winemaker, and the fundamental role that time, the air and the climate play in the interaction with the raw material.

For the cellar Antinori in the Chianti Classico, Sam Falls has created a site-specific environmental pictorial work.

Soap Workshop

A large canvas, long and narrow, almost a horizon, sprinkled with dry pigments, will be left between the vines. Through contact with natural and atmospheric elements, such as the sun, humidity, the spontaneous fall of leaves and shrubs, the canvas will be 'painted' by nature and, subsequently, installed in one of the two staircases that cross the structure in height. In this way, the natural life of the Chianti Classico landscape will enter the underground architecture of the cellar, giving rise to a surprising crux between interior and exterior, between nature and contemporary architecture, transforming itself metaphorically into a natural window.

The Antinori winery in the Chianti Classico area is reconfirmed as the ideal platform for artistic production, where artists are asked to imagine specific projects and at the same time to confront the imposing history of the Antinori family's private collection and, as in this case, with a tradition that is first of all tied to the territory, to the viticulture and to the specificity of its natural landscape.

Antinori winery in the Chianti Classico area

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