adv welcomes the new year with "Another Elba“, An interesting monthly column edited by Valèrie Pizzera e Tatiana Paolini. A different and sparkling point of view on the territory of the island of Elba, with many insights and also various curiosities.

“The idea comes from the fact that I am a tour guide and for some time I have been collaborating with Tatiana who is instead an environmental guide, as well as a dear friend. - explains Valèrie Pizzera - Together we gave birth to Another Elba Tours, a project we care a lot about and with which we propose artistic, naturalistic and territorial itineraries in the splendid scenery of our island of Elba, a place that never ceases to amaze us ".

Tatiana Paolini and Valèrie Pizzera

Valèrie worked as a tour guide mainly in Florence but, due to the crisis in the tourism sector, after the quarantine she decided to return to Elba.


“A magical place full of charm that I also want to tell. In addition to organizing guided tours and special treks, which we will propose starting from March, it seemed a good idea to offer some 'gems' also to the readers of What we propose are stories of beautiful and mysterious places but also of life, then of course we will deal with various topical issues ".

“I believe in the project of Another Elba because I see it as a creative evolution of our work ”, he finally wants to clarify Tatiana Paolini.

Valèrie Pizzera, born in Elba from French-Spanish parents, has been a tour guide since 2007 with more than ten years of experience in the museum field, especially in Florence and Tuscany. Graduated in Political Science with an internship in journalism at Radio Francia Internazionale in Paris, where she then worked for the private radio station Radio Latina. Journalist since 1996, he has collaborated with La Nazione, Il Giornale, Rtv38, Rtl 102.5, Il Firenze. She was head of the press office and external relations of Butera & Partners, Anwers in Rome and Milan. Co-founder of the Mid Firenze cultural association in 2013, she conceived, promoted and organized important events with a large turnout of public until 2019. He owns a clothing boutique in Portoferraio.
Tatiana Paolini, has a linguistic background, is an interpreter and translator. Returning to the island of origin after many years, she collaborated for some years with the newspaper Elba Report. Today he has sublimated all his passions in the work of environmental and hiking guide.