The La Loggia restaurant in Piazzale Michelangelo hosts the exhibition “Onofrio Pepe at La Loggia: a view open to the stars". A personal that has over 50 works, including sculptures and paintings, and that involves all the rooms of the room, set up specifically for this purpose by the Atelier16Rosso studio.

The aim of the exhibition, organized by the CapraRé cultural association of the Caprarella brothers, managers of the historic restaurant, is to revive - alongside the restaurant business - the museum soul with which the engineer Poggi had designed and built the Loggia in the 1864. Onofrio Pepe turned out to be the ideal artistic figure for the purpose: his work, inspired by the theme of myth, goes perfectly with the neoclassical taste of the nineteenth-century structure of La Loggia.

Born in Nocera Inferior, Pepe is a Florentine by adoption and election since, since 1969, he decided to stay in Florence setting up his studio in San Frediano: a magical place where you can still breathe the tradition of the great masters' shops Florentines. An internationally renowned artist, Pepe has exhibited all over the world (from the United States to Chile), and his works have recently been exhibited in our Museo dell'Opera del Duomo: now he arrives at the La Loggia restaurant in Piazzale Michelangelo, with his staff "Onofrio Pepe at La Loggia: a view open to the stars".


The theme of the exhibition is the "myth", a language that the artist knows well and from which he chooses significantly the most representative episodes of his creative journey. Through the bronze stems, the sculptures and the paintings, Pepe goes through those myths that he himself defines as "reality of the vices and virtues that humanity lives in the depths" and that he wants to bring to light with his art. Along the halls of La Loggia, Onofrio Pepe tells us the myths of Icarus, Apollo and Leda the Swan and then dwell above all on that of Pegaso who - as the curator of the exhibition explains - Dominique Charles Fuchs, “for the poet it represents the unbridled fantasy, the inspiration that the Muse companions of Apollo will be able to hold back".

The exhibition is an upward path, which crosses La Loggia vertically to end inside its most beautiful jewel: from the Terrazza Paradiso, on the roof of the structure, visitors can admire the two sculptures "Centauro" and "Ninfa" , while enjoying another timeless work of art, the panorama of Florence from the Ponte Vecchio to Fiesole.