Agriturismo, Tuscany at the top: first in Italy for reception and turnover

The study of Confagricoltura on Italian structures speaks of 4 millions of presence a year, more than half foreign.


Tuscany, the queen of holidays on a farm. Always at the top of the rankings in the report of the Centro Studi di Confagricoltura (2017 data). "Trend confirmed in the 2018 by our operators", says the president of Agriturist Toscana, Laura Cresti. Almost a third of the total of those who want to enjoy the holiday in contact with nature choose Tuscany, for a total presence (overnight stays of tourists) that touches the roof of 4 million a year. Arrivals, or tourists welcomed, are almost 890mila, 27% of the total. We are also the region that offers by far the largest number of beds: more than 62.700, 24,8% of the total.

At the national level, the reception on the farm bill 544 million. Tuscany conquers a beautiful slice of this cake, the largest, with 138 million euros

"Tuscany - states President Cresti - still attracts the uniqueness of its rural landscape, the beauty of its farms and the genuineness of the food offered. It remained among the favorite destinations even in the crisis period of a few years ago, when the presences collapsed. Today we can say with relief that the trend has reversed. Foreigners are still the tourists who most appreciate staying in Tuscan farms, staying longer in the structures than Italians "

According to the study, in fact, foreigners are 67% on total attendance and 54% suarrivals and here Tuscany gains a second place, second only to the autonomous province of Bolzano.

Italians choose the farm to spend weekends or bridges or in July and August for a longer holiday.

The average duration of a stay in Tuscany is 4 days, almost 2 more for foreigners, against the national average of just under 4 days

"The competition between structures is getting stronger and other regions are becoming very popular and compete with the Tuscan structures. To keep up with - continues the president Agriturist Toscana - the watchword is to innovate and always offer new services. I think about experiential stays. In the countryside more these experiences are authentic and unique and the vacation is appreciated more. To maintain our leadership, the Tuscan structures will have to maintain their authenticity, not to succumb to the trend of homologation, because it is in the diversity that is the strength of a sector that over time has established itself and is appreciated in the world".


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