A structured package of measures for sustainable agriculture in favor of the environment is underway. The council approved the resolutions presented by the food councilor Stefania Saccardi in favor of interventions that fall within the agro-climatic-environmental measures.

The package concerns two areas: first, the guidelines for the issuing of tenders aimed at the conservation of organic matter in the soil and the improvement of the management of chemical and water inputs as well as the conservation of animal genetic resources for the protection of biodiversity.

And, second, the guidelines for the introduction and maintenance of organic farming. At the moment, the resources made available to sustainable agriculture amount to 20 million, a figure that will reach approximately 2021 million euros in the two-year period 22/122, of which 100 million euros will be allocated to the ban on organic farming. All this as soon as the Government has established the distribution of the new resources to be allocated to the Rural Development Plan for 2021-2022.

“These tenders - explains the vice president and councilor for agri-food Stefania Saccardi - are much awaited by farmers and their associations, the first to see agriculture as a fundamental system for safeguarding the territory and the environment. This is why we decided to finance them immediately with the resources at our disposal, so as to allow farmers to produce demand within the deadline of May. It goes without saying that as soon as the new distribution of the RDP funds is carried out, we will increase the resources of the calls so as to satisfy the largest possible number of subjects in the ranking ”.

Text by Chiara Bini