IS "The Agenda of Priors", Contemporary art program organized by the Culture Department of the Municipality of Volterra, which has found its place within the Palazzo dei Priori, one of the oldest and most beautiful civic architecture of Tuscany, in particular involving the rooms on the ground floor Turazza Hall and Conciliator Judge Room, and on the second floor of the Upper Hall.

The Agenda program consists of a selection of contemporary art exhibitions and conferences all to be held inside one of the most iconic palaces in Volterra, namely Palazzo dei Priori. As for the exhibitions, by young artists like Luca Serasini, Elisabetta Cardella e Alessandro Marzetti, to more established artists such as Laura Cionci, Renato Frosali, Tadeusz Niescier, Piero Roccasalvo RUB e Marcello Scarselli. From Tuscany to Sicily, from Italy to Colombia, through France and Poland, the Agenda dei Priori manages to create international and generational interconnections.

Born by the will of Eleonora Raspi, Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Volterra, the initiative will run for about six months with a succession of exhibitions, conferences and individual artistic events, with an opportunity for further study in October this year in a day of debate on contemporary which will see curators and scholars in comparison.


"The idea - explains Councilor Raspi - is to offer a cultural program for the high season of Volterra that can move in a compact way and focus on contemporary art, together with days of meeting and study around some of the hot topics of our territory. As a place I chose the Palazzo dei Priori as an extremely symbolic and prestigious location for the entire city. Collaboration in this sense with local associations, the Val di Cecina Tourist Consortium, scholars and curators, is essential and great added value."


The initiatives:

The first exhibition in Agenda has found a seat in the Sala del Giudice Conciliatore, Female - [Onna], presenting the artists Alain Bonnefoit, Paola Billi and Nicola Piccioli edited by Vitality Association of Borgo Pignano. The title, responding to the character that indicates the woman in the East, suggests a dialogue on the theme of femininity that interconnects Western oriental philosophies and aesthetics, an artistic exhibition dedicated to femininity, intended as a source of contemplation, as a creative force inspirer of paintings, sculptures and elegant calligraphy of contemporary masters. The 24 inaugurated in May, the 1 in July closed.

To open the exhibition season in the Superior Room on the II floor of Priori, it was Marcello Scarselli with The noise of matter, personal of the Tuscan artist exponent dell'informal, known throughout Europe and presenting the work of recent years in Volterra, edited by Filippo Lotti ed Elena Capone. "There is still the usual and irresistible, magnetic, surprise effect. - he writes Elena Capone - Something that completely blinds: a pictorial wall from which, however, always leaks something. Emptiness is never completely the same, and the artist acts as an investigator, but he is also the author of his own clues. " The exhibition It is open until the next 22 July.

Il 29 Julyinstead, it will be the turn of Laura Cionci, an artist who works with different means of expression, from video to drawing, with The secret garden, a project edited by Marco Izzolino and from City of VolterraIn partnership with Free Academy of Nature & Culture. The exhibition will be the result of a residence that the artist is doing in Volterra and will have the same inhabitants as protagonists. It is a "participatory" project that had a precedent in Colombia, where Cionci, invited by the Museum of the Casa de la Memoria of Medellin, involved the inhabitants of the neighborhood where the museum is located to take care of the gardens. Even in Volterra the operation carried out by Cionci will follow the same procedures, but - as the artist explains - "the starting conditions are different: in Medellin it was open and accessible gardens, in Volterra it was a question of working on secret gardens , closed between the blocks of the ancient city, hidden from everyone's eyes ".

The title of the exhibition is an explicit reference to Burnett's novel and is the starting point of a project dedicated to the care of the green, intended as a spiritual cure. In fact, in the book, the garden should not be understood only as a physical place but also as a place of the soul and there are some very peculiar themes regarding the theories about the regenerative power of nature. Izzolino writes: "What then hide the gardens of Volterra? What do they protect? These are the questions that Laura Cionci intends to ask directly to the custodians of these secrets in a period of residence in the city. This will give rise to stories to tell and a map of all the hidden treasures where, over the centuries, the local community has shown and experienced its relationship with nature." The exhibition will end the September 2.

Since 24th August it starts -10.944%, staff of Elisabetta Cardella clean from Carlo Alberto Arzelà, with critical text of Ilario Luperini, set up in Turazza room inside the Palazzo dei Priori. The negative number -10.994, which gives the title to the exhibition, represents the maximum ocean depth, exactly the Challenger abyss in the Mariana Trench. The abyss is an unbridgeable distance between two people or between themselves and their own desires. It is that place where the words never spoken and the deleted images are hidden. These are nine large-format works created in digital collage and shown on canvas and clay with painting. Nine portraits in their "submerged world". Until 16 September 2018.

The Agenda of Priors, At the Red Night in Volterra, event organized the next 8 September by the Volterra Valdicecina Tourist Consortium at the end of the Volterra summer season, will present a large program, leaving the Palace and invading the streets, the laboratories of alabaster and other prestigious buildings such as the Art Gallery and Museum.

At 17.30 inaugurates RENATO FROSALI and PIERO ROCCASALVO RUB. Ithe logical negative. Towards new possibilities of the subject, set up between the Superior Hall of Palazzo dei Priori and the basement of the Pinacoteca and Civic Museum of Volterra. The exhibition, curated by Giuseppe Carrubba e Municipality of Volterra, in collaboration with the Free Nature & Culture Academy, it is accompanied by a catalog with texts by Giuseppe Carrubba, Elena Capone and Eleonora Raspi. It is a double solo show staging the meeting of two cultures through the work of two contemporary artists and painters, Renato Frosali e Piero Roccasalvo RUB. The exhibition is a moment of meeting two distant cities but sharing the same love for beauty, history, art history. The Baroque and the Medieval, the boldness of the volcanic landscape and the sweetness of the hilly one, the element of the sea and that of the wind. The Sublime of the Sicilian land - its colors, its passions, its materiality, in correlation with the beauty of the Tuscan land. Two impulses born from and in two different zeitgeist but bearers of the same creative power. From September 8 to 7 October.


At 21.30 the same evening, Laura Cionci will present the video Kalopsia, realized in the spaces of the former psychiatric hospital of Volterra, under the direction of Alessandro Zangirolami, in April 2016. "A green and iridescent light of electronic taste fills the eye; at the same time, an organic sound in progress caresses the ear. Thus it begins Kalopsia, an exploration (unique sequence plan, in loop) of an architectural space and its narrow, never painful, dialogue with the penetrating nature that surrounds it. Deprived of any symbolic and / or historical reference, the space is treated by the two artists in an abstract manner, as in an inverted cinematic journey. Starting and ending with the same shot, Kalopsia positions the viewer within a perceptual loop within which it is required to remain, reflect, and wait for the appearance of a new spatial element. The video will be projected on the walls of the Fortress ", writes in the critical text Raspi.

With a view to a real creative and transformative invasion of the urban fabric of Volterra, Alessandro Zangirolami proposes the creation of a series of composite interventions in some of its key craft spaces. On the occasion of the next Red Night, the city comes alive in a widespread way, reshaping itself around contemporary aesthetic languages. Velxans, artistic action by Zangirolami which also includes a performance of Gianni Calastri of Collective Distilleries, is a path through minor places of worship within the medieval city walls. In particular they will be realized interventions with red light installations inside alabaster workshops (heterogeneous mix of activity spaces and deserts, old alabastra and young / very young people). Saturday 8 September starting from 22.00.

Luca Serasini he is an artist who transfers his technical and scientific training into his works. His projects range from drawing to painting, from graphic novels to electronic art and installation on an environmental scale. At Palazzo dei Priori he will compare himself with the sculptures of Alessandro Marzetti, light and fluid "ribbons" in alabaster. Khaos / ORDER / DISPOSE. Installations, interactions and alabasters, exhibition edited by Carlo Alberto Arzelà and of the Municipality of Volterra, inaugurates the next 14 October. The purpose of this exhibition is to "reactivate" an interest, an emotion, towards the meaning of the constellations, a theme present in Serasini's recent artistic research, redesigning them on the ground, thus making them recognizable again to the eye and to the human spirit, and taking the visitor back in time to the first moments of our Universe, to the "birth" of the constellations as we know them.

Two artists for two different languages ​​and materials used (wood and design for Serasini, alabaster for Marzetti) that interpenetrate in a journey that, starting from the Big Bang, leads the visitor to reflect not only on the development of the Universe, but also on the condition of the human being. Serasini will occupy the central parts of the two rooms of the exhibition space with three large installations in which as many phases of the life of the Universe will be represented: the artist thus brings the language of Land Art combined with the figurative synthesis of the constellations into a medieval interior. simple elements such as discs and lines. The exhibition will be open until November 6.

The long exhibition season of Palazzo dei Priori will end with the exhibition Tadeusz Niescier. Microcosmos, curated by Vitality Cultural Association in collaboration with Velathri Art Gallery and Cum Quibus San Gimignano, which will extend until 2019.  Microcosmos is a photographic exhibition dedicated to the work of the Polish artist, photographer and renowned painter, Tedeusz Niescier. Set in the exhibition spaces of the Palazzo dei Priori in Volterra and presented in the premises of the Velathri Art Gallery and the Cum Quibus Restaurant in the historic center of San Gimignano, the staff is dedicated to researching universal codes and structures in detail, the plant microstructure and the its transformation over time. Always passionate about the evolution of the vital phases of plants, Niescier guides us with Microcosmos in an evocative exploration of this universe, making it abstract, sublimating it from its own realm of belonging. Moldy chestnuts recall large planets suspended in the void, details of transparent dried petals recall a plurality of perceptions of space and time, marking the exposure with a constant integration in the life cycle of the stages of deterioration. Microcosmos celebrating the biological process in its complete cyclicity and through the photographic study on plants, Taduesz Niescier describes the universal logics of continuous transformation that govern every organism. The inauguration is scheduled for 7 December 2018, while the finissage for 6 January 2019.

The exhibitions can be visited according to the following methods:


Palazzo dei Priori: Monday to Sunday 10.30-17.30; from 16 July to 31 August, 9.00-19.00 every day

Art Gallery and Civic Museum: 9.00-19.00 every day


Palazzo dei Priori: admission included in the cost of the access ticket of 6 euro up to the 30 September; 5 euros from the 30 September

Art Gallery and Civic Museum: free access to the underground, showing Priori's ticket


Organized and promoted by the Municipality of Volterra

Sponsored by the Tuscany Region

Events realized with the following professionals and associations

Volterra and Val di Cecina Tourism Consortium, Pro Volterra, Cooperative Archeology, Siena Viva Cooperative, Promo PA Foundation, Nature and Culture Free Academy, Elena Capone, Pignano Art Gallery, Velathri Art gallery and Cum Quibus San Gimignano.

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