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"At the table from Florence to Chianti", a journey through raw materials, recipes and historical events

Milko Chilleri's book deals with the history of Florence and the equally fascinating history of Florentine Chianti through anecdotes, traditional dishes and interviews accessible thanks to the numerous QR Codes

in evidence

"A Home Doctor", continues the fundraising

The fundraising campaign "UN MEDICO A DOMICILIO", organized by the Florentine Pallium Onlus association, based in Montedomini, which has been operating for almost 20 ...
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"The Cleaner", the life of Marina Abramovic at Palazzo Strozzi [VIDEO]

With his works he revolutionized the idea of ​​performance. He tested his body, its limits and its expressive potential ....

on May 26 the tricolor arrows in Florence

On the occasion of the celebrations for the 74th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic, the National Acrobatic Patrol (PAN) will carry out a series of flyovers, touching all the Italian regions and symbolically embracing the whole nation with tricolor fumes, as a sign of unity, solidarity and shooting.

Sheep meat, quality at the table according to tradition

Friday 29 May at 16.00 on the rossorubino facebook page there will be a web talk on the theme of sheep meat. Among the participants also Virgilio Manini president of the Lamb Protection Consortium of Central Italy PGI

At the table from Florence to Chianti. A journey through food and wine. Raw materials, recipes and historical events, The book of Milko Chilleri tells an "emotional" journey in Florentine and Chianti cuisine, from the Middle Ages to the present day. The volume, published by Edizioni Chianti Multi Service and with the preface by Leonardo Romanelli, amply illustrated and enriched with QR Code which refer to the video interviews made by the journalist, was presented to the Regional Council of Tuscany.

L. Romanelli, M. Gemelli, S. Carmagnini, M. Chilleri

A journey through the history of the kitchen of Firenze which intersects with the equally fascinating one of Florentine Chianti. This is the common thread that has accompanied the search for Milko Chilleri, journalist and great food and wine enthusiast; a narrative path that led the author to retrace the culinary tradition of an important city, Florence, and of what was once only its "countryside", from the Middle Ages to the present day. An emotional excursus in search of what is hidden behind the most famous Tuscan recipes that have always reflected the history of men and their territory, but also the story of a rediscovered gastronomic identity, that of a countryside, once a place of supply of raw materials for the city, which over the years has finally become aware of the immense wealth of its cuisine and its extraordinary ingredients.

The Tuscan PDO Bread

Il bread meat, the cold cuts, the oil and the wine they are the protagonists of an itinerary that begins in the Florence of the Middle Ages, a period in which food and its condiments represent the symbols of a socio-economic condition, up to the Renaissance, an age in which the preparation of a dish also aims to show off the magnificence of gentlemen. Without neglecting the poor dishes, ancient peasant traditions fortunately handed down to the present day, to get to the current and successful reworkings of great chefs.

A pleasant and original book, full of anecdotes, curiosities and appetizing recipes, but Chilleri is keen to point out, "not for everyone" as it is not a mere recipe book but a collection of interesting interviews with "insiders", including historians, writers and enthusiasts but also restaurateurs, winemakers, butchers, great chefs and good cooks.

Thanks to the many QR-Code, printed within the publication, At the table from Florence to Chianti. A journey through food and wine. Raw materials, recipes and historical events allows the user to access, with a simple click of the smartphone, the thematic trailer and to all video interviews created by the journalist thus transforming the reading of this book into a very interesting interactive experience.

Milko Chilleri, class 72, journalist, began his professional career in 1995 at the Cecchi Gori Group in Florence where, for over fifteen years, he is the author and director of audiovisual content. Since 2009 he has perfected himself in journalism and WEB 2.0 communication, creating entertainment and information services. Today Chilleri is the editor in chief of the online newspaper, specializing in topics related to the art and food and wine of Tuscany and leads the homonymous program broadcast on Tele Iride.

“This book is a journalistic journey into the culture of Florentine and Chianti food, from the Middle Ages to the present day; it is not a treatise on cooking, nor is it a recipe book ”, he wants to clarify Chilleri.

"We welcomed the editorial initiative of Milko Chilleri who, through this volume, wanted to retrace the culinary history of Florence but also of an important territory, that of the Florentine Chianti, skillfully intertwining history, anecdotes and characters to the dishes and products that they characterize us. - comments Lisa Volpi, Chianti Multi Service - An original book, full of encounters and secrets of the trade but also of ancient recipes and apt gastronomic reinterpretations. Precisely for these aspects of promotion and knowledge of the Florentine Chianti area, we liked to share this project ".

Leonardo Romanelli

“Milko's book is a beautiful journey, a journey made in a territory but also between people and recipes. I really like the fact that it refers to the past but not only. There is talk of a kitchen that is renewed, which is part of a magnificent territory told by Milko also through images, thanks to QR codes. - tells Leonardo Romanelli, journalist, gastronomist and sommelier - Every now and then it is good to reflect more deeply on what Florentine gastronomy has become today where it is easy to find excellent quality ingredients, which enhance the taste with simple but effective preparations. Is it a tiring and repetitive kitchen? In reality, tradition shows that this is not the case and that, above all, traditional dishes have always remained in their place, while the context around them has changed ”.

Chilleri with G. Mottini and S.Panerai

At the table from Florence to Chianti. A journey through food and wine. Raw materials, recipes and historical events was published under the patronage of: Chianti Classico Wine Consortium, Chianti Classico Dop Oil Consortium, Tuscan DOP Bread Consortium, Florentine Chefs Association, San Casciano Chianti Rotary Club, Florence Lorenzo il Magnifico Rotary Club and with the contribution of Banco Fiorentino del Mugello, Impruneta and Signa.

“Our Chianti Classico has a strong identity value: it evokes dreamy Tuscan landscapes and quality red wine. - intervenes Carlotta Gori, Director of the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium - It is a symbol of Tuscan culture and food and wine tradition. Chianti Classico is also the wine for food, par excellence. A food often seasoned with the other symbolic product of our land, the Chianti Classico DOP oil. Milko Chilleri's book also tells this, with great passion and originality. "

“Helping the community essentially means supporting important projects, which concern issues such as education or health. Our convivials are a moment of cultural comparison. This relationship often takes place at the table, a place par excellence for meeting and exchange where we share projects in support of the social and cultural activities of our territory ". tell Leandro Galletti and Rita Pelagotti respectively RC San Casciano Chianti e RC Florence Lorenzo the Magnificent.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the volume will be donated to the scientific voluntary association Pallium Onlus with headquarters in via dei Malcontenti 6, in Florence.

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Lorenzetti's painted cross, way to restoration

At the end of the intervention, the work will be relocated to Room 7 of the Pinacoteca, with other works by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, known above all as the Painter of Good Government in the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena.

Long live Italy: the Gallo Nero is painted with the Italian flag

Phase 2 of the health emergency, restaurants reopen: the message of the Chianti Classico producers to the catering of the Bel Paese

Trattoria Antica Calcinaia, the return is full of news

From today 23 May the beautiful restaurant in San Casciano Val di Pesa will reopen. Waiting for customers, tables also in the garden and new gastronomic creations by chef Paino
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