“This book is a journey into the kitchen and wine from the Middle Ages to the present day; it is not a treatise on cooking nor a recipe book; it is simply a journalistic journey into the culture and traditions of Florentine and Chianti cuisine ", Chilleri points out.

A narrative journey that leads us to rediscover the culinary tradition of Florence, and of what was once only its countryside, but above all the story of a rediscovered gastronomic identity, that of the Florentine Chianti.

Thanks to the numerous QR-Codes it is possible to access all the video interviews made by the journalist to the protagonists of the local cuisine, thus transforming this reading into a real multimedia experience.

Leonardo Romanelli

“Milko's book is a beautiful journey, a journey through a territory but also between people and recipes. I really like the fact that it refers to the past but not only. There is talk of a modern cuisine, which is renewed, which is part of a magnificent territory that was told by Milko also through images and sounds, thanks to QR codes. - he adds Leonardo Romanelli, well-known journalist and gastronomist.

In addition to the typical products and historical recipes, Chilleri dedicates ample space to the Gallo Nero, whose history begins in 1716 with the edict of Cosimo III dei Medici which inextricably links the Chianti Classico to its territory. A wine that has always been a perfect combination with our cuisine.

“I think there has always been a positive contamination between our wine and food. thanks to the unmistakable flavor and aroma, it also represents a fundamental ingredient for many traditional recipes, especially for those based on meat. In this regard, a Tuscan dish that immediately comes to mind is the peposo alla fornacina, an ancient recipe based on meat cooked for hours in Chianti red wine ", he comments Giovanni Manetti, president of the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the volume will be donated to the scientific voluntary association Pallium Onlus of Florence.