The child, his inner world, the path of growth, the ability to learn and relate to external reality and peers, is at the center of a small large school that gives an example in the regional educational system. TO San Polo in Chianti he is alive, for the second year, the only public school in Tuscany that adopts the techniques, tools and principles of the Montessori method.

An opportunity and an educational alternative that take root in the primary school of a fraction of the municipality of Greve where two different and complementary criteria coexist experimentally: the traditional method and the Montessori method, followed and conducted by some properly trained teachers.

In San Polo primary two classes are active, the first and the second with about 40 total children. "We are happy with the result achieved - says the head teacher Fiorenzo Li Volti of the Institute including Greve in Chianti - the challenge is to realize a whole cycle of the primary, which we can also achieve by setting up a training course, starting in December, which will allow us more easily to find specialized teaching staff ".

The experimentation is the result of a path that sees the collaboration between the Greve in Chianti, the comprehensive Institute of Greve in Chianti, the Montessori National Opera e the Montessori Chianti association and the involvement of the whole community.

"The school realizes a model that starts from below - declares the mayor Paolo Sottani - it is the will of a network of subjects that invests on the educational and social function of the school community and offers a choice for families in a decentralized area, far from the main inhabited centers such as San Polo ".

The citizens of the hamlet have decided to combine objectives and resources to support, actively contribute and promote the Montessori public school. “Community value is an important aspect that reflects the Montessori experience - adds the councilor for public education Maria Grazia Esposito - in our case, all the realities of the territory got together, built and shared this project so that it could be realized ”.

In the Montessori school the children are the protagonists of their day in the classroom, they choose the place to sit down, they autonomously identify the subjects of study, the activities and the games. “Tolerance, welcome, autonomy, respect for the other - explains the Montessori teacher Lucio Varriale - these are some of the ways of school life that find space in the Montessori class, our primary goal is the good of the child, taking care of the needs of students and creating with them, respecting everyone's choices, a climate of peace, serenity individual and collective ". A unique reality that wants to project itself into the future and have long-term prospects. The San Polo experience was illustrated on the occasion of the Florentine exhibition dedicated to the world of education "Didacta", organized by the Tuscany Region in the presence of Elisabetta Beolchini e Arianna Romoli of the Montessori National Opera, in addition to the mayor Paolo Sottani, the councilor Maria Grazia Esposito and the school director Fiorenzo Li Volti. The course for the training of teachers specialized in the Montessori method includes 500 hours for children, 550 for the primary, of which 80 in the plenary and primary. The course will start in December. Info: or