From 15 February to 2 June 2020 the Galleria delle Carrozze of Palazzo Medici Riccardi hosts the exhibition Tutankhamun: journey to eternity, curated by Maria Cristina Guidotti, former curator of the Egyptian Museum of Florence and Pasquale Barile, president of the Ancient World Society, under the patronage of the Metropolitan City of Florence and the Municipality of Florence, in collaboration with MUS.E. The exhibition is organized by the Italian Society Discovery Time, in cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities of Cairo and with the support of the National Archaeological Museum of Florence. Virtual reality was created by The time machine of Bologna.

Successfully presented in the United States, Central America, South America as well as in various European capitals, the exhibition, traveling for two years in the main Italian cities, also arrives in Florence with the aim of bringing closer to the charm of culture Egyptian.

A totally immersive experience that, thanks to the faithful reproductions from Cairo, the original finds made available by National Archaeological Museum of Florence, of which some unpublished, 3D technology and innovative Virtual Reality, will reveal all the secrets of Tutankhamun's Tomb, making it known the incredible treasures destined to accompany the young pharaoh on his last journey.


The only example of royal burial with trousseau found intact, the tomb of Tutankhamun, discovered on 4 November 1922 by Howard Carter, an archaeologist and passionate watercolorist who thus registered his name in the history of world archeology, is the only one that allows us to know how a pharaoh was buried and with what kind of trousseau. To allow the reconstruction on display, numerous reproductions, including, in addition to the canopic vessels, the statue of Anubis, with the function of protecting the treasure chamber; the golden throne and the wonderful golden mask that protected the mummy's face and shoulders.

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On display also absolutely unpublished finds, such as the painted wooden sarcophagus of Padihorpakhered, which was decided to restore on the occasion of this important exhibition event. Coming from the deposits of the Egyptian Section of the National Archaeological Museum of Florence, this precious find has maintained the pictorial decoration on all surfaces, both internal and external: there are numerous conservation problems on which it was operated, including dangerous detachments of portions of the surface painted in addition to deep cracks in the wooden support on the case and on the lid.

An accurate 3D reconstruction work will give curious and great enthusiasts the opportunity to live an exciting virtual reality experience, by visiting one of the most famous places in the world firsthand. Howard Carter's inventory cards and Henry Burton's archival photos, kept at the Griffit Institute of the University of Oxford, were the primary source for reproducing the funeral details in great detail. The exterior of the tomb was also designed in such a way as to recreate the excavation site prepared by Howard Carter.

The virtual visit is carried out by wearing a viewer and holding two controllers that allow you to enter the reconstructed environment in person and interact with it: you can focus on the individual objects of the kit, grasping them to be able to appreciate the likelihood of the originals and being able to listen to a their deepening. The words reported by Carter himself in the pages of his diaries will be heard, being able to identify with emotions felt at the time of the incredible discovery. And, in the funeral chamber, you can also decipher the hieroglyphics on the walls, thanks to the careful translation work by Pasquale Barile.

The functionality of the controllers is extremely simplified, with just two buttons the experience is within everyone's reach, from eight years of age: for children and teenagers we have thought of an ad hoc path that, using captions and targeted visual aids, will approach in a simple way the understanding of the contents told.

Tutankhamun: journey to eternity

Palazzo Medici Riccardi - Carriage Gallery

February 15 - June 2, 2020

Monday to Thursday, 10 am - 20 pm;
Friday and Saturday, 10 am - 23 pm;
Sunday 10 - 20.

Last access one hour before closing.

Cost for the exhibition only:

Adults € 13

Children and teenagers (from 6 to 18 years old) 10 €

Students € 10 (up to 30 years old)

Over 65 € 10

Disabled 5 € for those entitled to accompaniment according to Law 104/92, the accompanying person is entitled to free entry.

Ticket for Families

2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children € 38

2 adults + 3 children or 1 adult + 4 children € 44

Cost for virtual reality only

Adults € 15

Children and teenagers (from 6 to 18 years old) 12 €

Students € 12 (up to 30 years old)

Over 65 € 12

Cost combined ticket exhibition + virtual reality

Adults € 24

Children and teenagers (from 6 to 18 years old) 20 €

Students € 20 (up to 30 years old)

Over 65 € 20