“You have to go back to taste the cuisine of our restaurant”, we said goodbye with Massimo Bocchetti e Niccolò DeRiu, respectively owner and executive chef of the Baldovino chain in Florence, after having tasted the delicious lampredotto of their new shop in via San Cristoforo, a stone's throw from Piazza Santa Croce.

And so I keep my promise, and on a warm evening at the end of June I accept the pleasant invitation: the tables are outdoors and placed in the churchyard of Santa Croce, with simple but essential equipment.

Niccolò's idea is to let me taste some representative dishes of the two kitchens: the most refined one of the restaurant Baldovino Bistro and the more classic Tuscan restaurant Il Francescano, paired with the excellent wines on their list.

Let's start with a "Panzanella goes to the sea”A delicious reinterpretation of our Tuscan must, prepared with a vaporata of seafood, combined with a bed of liquid panzanella and mango and basil mayonnaise: a truly original dish with a delicate and absolutely unique taste.

This is followed by an excellent tuna tartare with mango salad with mint, wasabi mayonnaise and egg yolk: a small delicacy where Niccolò's skill has managed to perfectly balance the flavor of the meat and the taste of wasabi, also very pleasant. acidity returned by the mango that refreshes the mouth.

The evening flows pleasantly, thanks also to the company of Gianandrea Signorini, historical collaborator of Massimo, as well as passionate and expert in wine. "To do this job you need a lot of passion - he tells me - for me contact with people is fundamental, in these years of work I have understood that to be successful you need to have a lot of attention and be highly qualified in your work".

A Chianti's tuna, pork cooked at a low temperature, served with an artichoke in oil and a Certaldo onion compote, and a Scottona tartare with Carmignano shallot, pecorino foam and fried caper.

"Only carefully selected products enter our kitchens - Niccolò tells me - our meat, in this case Scottona Marche, has yellow and not white fat, they are animals that eat grass and graze free, high quality material is the basis for the creation of all my recipes. "

A delicious first course arrives, trabacollara in white with sea bass: perfect cooking of pasta and all shellfish, a dish prepared with great sensitivity and taste.

Dinner continues with other dishes prepared by chef Niccolò de Riu: from exquisite gnudi butter and sage, ingot of cod with Vernaccia di San Gimignano; many sought-after recipes where it is possible to find the most genuine Florentine style. "Our greatest commitment is to leave a good memory, - Massimo and Niccolò conclude - if in a week you remember what you ate this evening, this will be a memorable dinner."

Lara and Massimo Bocchetti

A bet won that of Massimo Bocchetti, which in times of pandemic, instead of lowering the shutter, has transformed its reality - “We made a different choice, we raised the stakes, increasing investments and creating a new brand, to face the future with new eyes and new services. We are convinced that a great story can only be written by a great writer. This is why we select and recruit the best Food & Beverage experts. "

Il Baldovino Bistro in Florence it represents a choice of the highest quality, a restaurant in which it is possible to taste refined and original preparations, without eating the 'usual' Tuscan cuisine, and also find a very pleasant atmosphere.