On the island of Elba Napoleon spent 300 days of exile between 1814 and 1815. In the bicentenary of his death there are numerous celebrations both in Italy and in France and also on the island there are events in honor of the emperor. We could not fail to do the same.

In truth, for the event scheduled for next May 9th we have been preparing since last November, when, walking in the woods behind the Villa di San Martino, we found a table with blue chairs and imagined the famous scene of the 'Non Birthday' of Alice in Wonderland which has always been one of our favorite novels. Thus was born an unusual proposal entitled Napoleon in the Wood of Wonders, an event that, in the usual style of Another Elba tours, offers a combination of art, nature and entertainment.

After a guided tour of the Villa of San Martino in Portoferraio, the emperor's summer residence on the island of Elba, we will take you into the woods for a short trekking-show. It will be Napoleon, therefore, and not Alice, who will make a journey among the characters of the cult masterpiece of non-sense by Lewis Carroll, in an adaptation of the dialogues of the book edited by Tatiana Paolini.

In the cast Franco Giannoni in the figure of Napoleon. Giannoni, already awarded as best Tuscan actor in 2017 and 2018 together with Giuliana Berti (also in the cast as Countess Maria Walewska), this time will really risk 'losing his head' a bit like it happened at the time of the French revolution!

To conclude, a site specific exhibition curated by Antonella Avataneo and a themed photographic set. All enlivened by the gastronomic refreshment set up in the woods by Tonnina. It is possible to come and be immortalized on the 'wonderful' photographic set, see the Avataneo exhibition and taste the delights of Tonnina even for those who do not participate in the tour.

For tour participants the appointment is for 9 at the entrance to the avenue of the Villa di San Martino. See you with all the others at 12.30, follow the paved main road from San Martino (before taking the avenue of the villa, turn left at the height of the huts and then straight up to a large clearing where you will find us, we will put directions). The event is conceived, promoted and organized by Another Elba tours.


Guided tour of the Villa of San Martino and short trekking in the Bosco delle Meraviglie.

With the participation of Napoleone / Alice (Franco Giannoni), Countess Maria Walewska (Giuliana Berti), General Drouot (Franco Boschian), the Bianconiglio (Renzo Fabbri), the Cheshire Cat (Antonella Avataneo), the Brucaliffo (Barbara Montanari) the Mad Hatter (Luca Saglimbeni), the March Hare (Valerie Pizzera), the Queen of Hearts (Tatiana Paolini). Photographic set by Maria Giusi Canova. Corner food & drink by Tonnina.
Low difficulty. From 9,30 to 12,30
Reservations required: Very limited places.
Contacts: +39 346 4904719 Valerie Pizzera +39 333 2641008 Tatiana Paolini