Looking woman is a phrase that began its fortune from the pages of a brilliant misogynist, the French writer Alexandre Dumas. When there is a problem, a trouble, a crime, a deal gone wrong, cherchez la femme, look for the woman! Be sure there is always one behind it. The women "elles sont au center de toutes les affaires" says Joseph Fouch, protagonist of the novel by Dumas (father).

We so agree that Looking woman becomes a contest for images: look for the woman, tell her in every new, complex, true, multiform declination. On the street, in bed, while reading, running a company, daydreaming, observing, talking, screaming, anywhere and anyway. A gesture, an expression, a movement.

The competition organized by CRUMB Gallery and ReWriters magazine is aimed at promoting the rewriting of the contemporary imagery through photos taken by women portraying women. Let's rewrite the #Cherchez with images, perhaps to really see it, and finally, la femme.


To participate you will find all the information on:

The competition is divided into two phases. There will be a first selection with the publication, starting from the first weekend of February 2021, of the selected photo (or selected photos) on the website as part of the Daily Pic initiative, with relative launch on the ReWriters Instagram channel . The second phase, to which all the authors whose photos were selected in the first phase will have access, involves the identification of four finalists whose works will be exhibited in a collective photographic exhibition that will be held in the headquarters of the Crumb Gallery Florence in December 2021 .

Crumb Gallery was founded in 2019 by Rory Cappelli, Lea Codognato, Adriana Luperto and Emanuela Mollica. Crumb Gallery #womeninart was born as an exclusive space for female artists. It promotes, disseminates, supports and exhibits paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations and performances by artists. The galleries that exhibit only women, in the world, can be counted on the fingers of one hand and Crumb Gallery #womeninart wants to make its small contribution to reduce the gap between men and women in the world of contemporary art.

ReWriters is a newspaper founded and directed by Eugenia Romanelli since June 2020 through which the cultural association of the same name promotes the initiatives of the cultural brand ReWriters and the ReWriters Cultural Movement, gathered around its Manifesto, with the mission of rewriting the imaginary of contemporaneity.