A party to celebrate excellence and quality at the service of the territory. This is the strength of the Exhibition of Forcoli Market (municipality of Palaia, in the province of Pisa), an event that celebrates thirty-two years of activity.

As stated by the regional councilor Andrea Pieroni: "this event, which is growing every year, brings together many meanings: tradition, culture, food and wine, tourism, economy, voluntary work; without the collaboration of the many volunteers of the Nuova Primavera association there would not be this event, an important flywheel to attract visitors to a beautiful and evocative Tuscany ".

On the same wavelength the mayor of Palaia, Marco Gherardini, who has combined the quality of local products with the values ​​of sociality, which ensure the full functionality of sports facilities, giving a positive response to all the children of the area.


His majesty the Truffle, which is said to have been born of a sacred thunderbolt of Jupiter and since ancient times considered the undisputed king of flavors, will be celebrated with all the honors Exhibition of Forcoli Market. Together with the protagonist par excellence, the truffle in fact, there will also be porcini mushrooms and other typical products, such as wine and oil. The appointment is from 12 to 14 October in the spaces of the Centro Nuova Primavera, with numerous initiatives: food stands, tastings, animations and live music.

The event will begin on Friday 12 October with the Gala dinner, followed by the ceremony of delivery of the "Golden Truffle", recognition that every year the municipal administration assigns to a Tuscan personality. This year the prize will go to Giulia Pratelli, a singer-songwriter from Foroli, "pride of Palaia", as the mayor said.

From Saturday afternoon and for the whole day on Sunday there will be open food stands, with the possibility to taste and buy all the typical products of the local food and wine excellences. Not only that, the craft market, the exhibition of wasps and vintage cars and the Slow Food Valdera stand, alongside moments of animation, guided tours or initiatives "Riding on the paths of the great path will also be on display. naturalistic".

Present at the Palazzo del Pegaso, together with the councilor Pieroni and the mayor Gherardini, were present Roberto Fiore, president of the Nuova Primavera association; Fabio Galardi, manager of the Truffle and Porcini mushroom market in Forcoli; Cristiano Savini, of Savini Tartufi. A chorus of voices to talk about an important initiative for the territory, a showcase of excellences and an occasion for tourism promotion, but also of aggregation and sociality.