Montalcino, the rains make the vineyards breathe

A panacea rain, that fallen among the vineyards of Montalcino in recent days, which has contributed to significantly improve the conditions of the plants as well as the increase in the temperature range between day and night, with the average of the highs at 33 ° and the minimum at 18 °.

Savatianò, the rebirth of an ancient vine

At "Fishing Lab alle Murate", in the historic center of Florence, there was a tasting of wines produced with the grapes of one of the oldest vines in Greece: the Savatianò (in Greek Σαββατιανό) autochthonous white grape variety of Attica , a Greek region characterized by limestone soils and ventilation due to its proximity to the sea.

Vinci, six labels under the sign of Diana

The territory, the history and the wines of Villa Dianella (Vinci) are fine, clean and precise wines that are born in the lands of Leonardo.

Pentecost in Castellina 2022, the classic of historic Chianti

After a two-year stop, Pentecoste returned to Castellina in Chianti, the review that brought the last vintages of one of the three historic Chianti Classico territories for tasting.

Sagrantino 2018, when the vintage makes the difference

Happy vintage in Montefalco, many wines were more refined and elegant than other vintages. Well the approach of many producers to a less opulent style of Sagrantino, unfortunately still many cask samples, which certainly did not facilitate the complete understanding of the wine.

Tai, Garganega and Carmenere: the tour in the red earth of the Berici Hills

A fascinating journey into the DOC Vicenza, to discover the many wineries that enhance the productions by tying them more and more to the territory, through the study and analysis of the characteristics of the vineyard and its environment.

Once upon a time there was Petrosinella. Fairytale wines

Can we say that good wines for adults are like fairy tales for children? They help to dream, they lighten the heart and in any case, especially in this case, the kinship is really close and unambiguous.

TastingGreve, as we lived it

On the weekend of 7 and 8 May the first event organized by the Greve in Chianti winemakers association took place in greve: Tastingreve. Sommeliers Lia Lachi, Tommaso Vincenti and Marco Morelli visited some of the participating companies, and told their experience, without filters

Rome Wine Expo, the masterclass of Albugnano 549

From the balcony of Monferrato ten expressions of Nebbiolo

Farchioni, "My Sagrantino vibrates like Rock"

Giampaolo Farchioni, General Manager of Terre de la Cassa, told me about his idea of ​​Sagrantino: "In our Exubera reserve we have dusted off the austerity of this vine, restoring harmony and vibrations to this wine"

Rosso Morellino, the Sangiovese of the sea

Sangiovese di mare is a concept that thought does not consider ... but before letting sensations and emotions explode, let's face and carry out the concrete and rational part. The Rosso Morellino 9 event organized by the Consorzio Tutela Morellino di Scansano DOCG took place on Monday 2022 May in Scansano (GR).


Hit: the vineyards are fine, but new reservoirs are needed

The President of the Confagricoltura Vitivinicola Federation Francesco Colpizzi emphasizes the need for structural interventions in the Tuscan countryside, such as the construction of new reservoirs.

Message in a Bottle, the Black Rooster becomes contemporary

Seven works of art, a widespread exhibition in the Chianti Classico area with the Bordeaux and the Black Rooster as protagonists.