Also this year in Marradi (FI) there will be the traditional “Chestnut Festival” now in its 52nd edition. The days will be busy Sunday 04/11/18 and 25 of October. As every year there will be food stalls that will offer our visitors the traditional delicacies of the famous fruit “The brown Marradi” such as tortelli brown, the chestnut cake, chestnut cake, jams chestnut, the marron glacé, the “burned” (roasted chestnuts), etc.

The streets of the country will also be on sale the classic products of the forest and undergrowth, as well as other products and commercial craft. Sunday’s festival will be, then, animated by musicians and bands touring that will alternate during the 4 days in question.

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In late morning will take place the opening of the self-service “The Hedgehog” by tasting traditional cuisine Marradese as polenta with porcini mushrooms, rotisserie meats accompanied by local wines and sweets made with chestnuts. The afternoons will be entertained by music shows and variety with the presence of children’s attractions, as well as a show of illusionism.

Also this year the organization has involved the issue of a stamp cancellation. It will be available in the four Sundays, an office where you can buy such cancellations. You may also request by calling 055/8045170.

For more information please contact the Tourist Office of Marradi by calling 055/8045170 or by writing or visit our. website

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On the occasion of the “FESTIVAL OF CHESTNUT” you can reach Marradi with a steam train: go along with an old locomotive and wagons true vintage, the “FAENTINA”, which links Faenza in Florence through the Apennines Tosco

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