Art, science and business, 34 ° Columbus Prize

Rotary East Florence celebrates the 34th edition of the Columbus on October 12 at 17.30 in the Palazzo Vecchio, at the Hall of the Five Hundred.

Now in its 34th edition, the Award was established by Enzo Ferroni in 1982, then club president, Rector and professor of physical chemistry at the University of Florence with the intention of recovering a city demonstration started in 1948 and finished in 1976 he remembered on October 12, the day of the discovery of the Americas in which the Italian Christopher Columbus opened the doors at the entrance of European culture in the new world and laid the foundation for building a real bridge between the two continents, bridge over the centuries it has proved fruitful examples of commendable. “With this award is recovered a Florentine tradition – says the president of the Committee for Culture and Sports of the City of Florence Maria Federica Giuliani – and it is important that the synergy created between institutions, associations and urban realities. Each year, the Columbus Prize is awarded to outstanding personalities and thank, on behalf of the city administration, the Rotary Club of East Florence for the effort in organizing the event. ” In the past they received the Columbus Prize personalities of global importance such as Rita Levi Montalcini awarded several years before that confer the Nobel prize. 

The winners of this 34th edition

And so even after 34 years the Rotary Club of East Florence continues the tradition, and deliver this important recognition to Stefano Ricci for the enterprise, illustrious Florentine fashion, synonymous with style and elegance all over the world, an ambassador of a unique quality incarnate by excellent products completely made in Italy; Dynamo Camp for science the first Recreational Therapy camp in Italy that includes settings for holidays and leisure children from 6 to 17 years old, suffering from serious and chronic diseases, mainly haematological cancers, neurological disorders and diabetes, and the Friends of Uffizi non-profit organization for the arts, a leading company with an international cultural development in town, established in 1993, as a result of the Via dei Georgofili, to support the museum in Florence.

The event

The awards will be delivered Monday, October 12 at 17.30 in the splendid setting of the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio, the presence of the authorities leading the town and Rotary. The award will be brought forward by Colombian Commemoration of Prof. Sandro Rogari on “From Kennedy to Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Europe and the United States in the perspective of the XXI century “.

For the occasion, the Rotary Club East Florence, in collaboration with the Italian Post Office will present, for this year, the new cancellation stamp designed and created by Maestro Paolo Penko that will be on display for 60 days at the Post Office Street Furs in Florence .

By virtue of the attention that has always been the Florence Rotary Club East poses to cultural development and artistic city, this year the proceeds from the convivial evening to be held on October 12 at the Institute of Military Science and Aeronautical will be donated to the restoration of one of the works of art located on the Ponte Vecchio, this place has always been a symbol of the city in the world and the bridge between the two cultures that here in Florence meet. The initiative is part of a collaboration that during the week will feature the Colombian East Florence Rotary Club which is based not far from the Old Bridge at the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, and the homonymous Association Ponte Vecchio, for the first Once together in enhancing the relationship between culture and the city through a competition between the windows in which the inspiration will be the dominant themes Columbus Prize and Colombians.

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