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Scarpelli Mosaici, florentine excellence in the world

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In the heart of Florence, in via Ricasoli 59/ R, the ancient art of “Florentine mosaic in semi-precious stones” is renewed every day.
Scarpelli Mosaici, Commesso Fiorentino’s Factory, preserves and passes on the heritage of the Renaissance Florentine mosaic thanks to its workshop with 200 square meters of exhibition and studio. The art gallery presents the handiworks created by Renzo and Leonardo Scarpelli masters.

[cml_media_alt id='6978']justbeautiful_scarpelli_mosaici_5[/cml_media_alt]Scarpelli Mosaici implements creativity and practicality transforming an idea in a work of art. This artisan workshop in Florence exports Florentine excellence and determines with its art the handicraft export growth and the genuine quality of “”Made in Italy”.

The headquarters of Scarpelli Mosaics is set in the center of Florence. The works of art inside it draw a line of continuity with the harsh and colorful grandeur of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore that dominates the wonderful surrounding area.

No wonder, then, that tourists, patrons and art lovers from all over the world decide to stop in the shop admired by the works on display and by the skilled hands of the “Commesso Fiorentino” Masters in the lab, who personally select and turn carefully the hard stones into masterpieces of unthinkable value.
Renzo and Leonardo give birth to real paintings thanks to the technique of “stone painting”, extraordinarily expressive.

The latest masterpiece born in Scarpelli Mosaici is a work of great historical importance and extremely difficult to realize: “Washington Crossing the Delaware” by Emanuel Leuze.

Leonardo Scarpelli favorably welcomes the client for choosing a picture as fascinating as difficult to perform. The artist has accepted the challenge to create a work of enormous importance, highly representative for the history of the United States of America. Before starting the work, the masters had to complete an historical investigation of the memorable event and also uniforms and hats in the work of art have been the object of a deep historical research.

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A framework littered with details: the characters proceed solemnly, illuminated by an almost unnatural glow, crossing a river covered with ice, straight to their destination. In the background there are troops, horses and artillery. The moment is solemn and imbued with courage. In the distance the lights reflect in the morning frost; to recreate them the tone of the stones has been slightly lightened. The figures in the foreground are alive and expressive, dynamic. And the flag stone is soft and snug in the morning, thanks to Renzo Scarpelli, who dedicated to it a whole night.

This work was a collaborative piece of art and an enormous collective effort for the entire lab. Leonardo and his father Renzo have created the work in front of the visiting public who attended, excited, to its realization, through their stories about the painting and the history that it represents. The two Masters have fully used the particular “construction capabilities of Stefano, Pierpaolo and Filippo”. This suggests that the working plan for using their” visionary experience and creating a work in ten hands” has been really hard to achieve.

Since the Renaissance the handcraft art of precious stones made Florence a unique international center of attraction in the world of crafts. Scarpelli Mosaici is the bearer of the brilliant encounter between craftsmanship and technical innovation of “stone painting” that, thanks to the wise use of all the hues found in nature, brings to life, in gorgeous stones, one of the highlights of the American Revolution.

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