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”MUSICA NUDA” in September of Monteriggioni

In 2003 Gizzards Petra and Ferruccio Spinetti cross for the first time, at that period Gizzards Petra is planning a mini-tour in some small club of “his” Tuscany with a friend guitarist. The very day of their first concert in the program, it gets sick. Petra, instead of canceling the date, Ferruccio asks if he wants to replace the last minute and he impulsively answers yes.

Although the chemistry between the two is only immediately apparent, Petra and Ferruccio never dreamed of reaching goals so important in a few years: hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad, prestigious awards

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There is another aspect not to be missed: Naked Music is the art of re-evaluate the “silent music” (that key fundamental and often overlooked way to get in touch with the emotion) seeking to enhance the silence in music and music in silence, bringing to the fore the text, the story, the meaning of each song, whether dramatic, cheerful, energetic, sentimental, easygoing.

Attend a concert of NAKED MUSIC is like stepping into a dimension where unexpected musical and emotional voice of Petra Gizzards and bass Ferruccio Spinetti captivate the viewer in bringing in sound world which hardly decide to leave.

Saturday, September 12, at 21.30, at the castle of Monteriggioni, in Rome square, concert

Free admission Info 0577 304834

Photo Valentino Mochi, facebook profile Musica Nuda


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