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Giuliano Paladini, the painter of agriculture

Picasso wrote: “Painting is a profession to be blind: one does not paint what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen”

Giuliano Paladini was born in Vicchio del Mugello, his passion for nature and the rural life is seen immediately in the art of painting. Whimsical and self-taught, his technique decided appreciates colors and paths that the light draws in his paintings, Giuliano Paladini only paints from life.

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With great attention and deep respect he can fix and pass on scenes of rural life, characterized by work in the fields and woods. In his works we find the cultural heritage of the impressions returned in Mugello with a dignity unmatched.

His attention is drawn to the work of the people in the country, but also the sea, scenes of Tuscan countryside of the Mugello are his subjects

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In recent years with great pleasure Giuliano approaches to the training, many of its students come from around the world. Its headquarters are at the House of Giotto, on the hill of Vespignano Vicchio Mugello.

Sensitive to the landscape of the area Giuliano Paladini has put his art at the service of the Mugello since 2004 there is in fact the ‘Association for cultural “From Giotto to Lands’ Angelico” of which he is one of the most enthusiastic sestenitori.

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